Brilliant and beautiful: Smart women are just hotter


Seems I’m not the only one out there who thinks brains are an essential part of the beauty package. Personally, I can only look for so long before wanting to carry on a coherent, intelligent conversation about something a little deeper than fashion. I also like to be able to use words that contain more than a single syllable.

There are plenty of lists out there detailing beauties with big brains, but this one does a better job than most. The list includes some of the most obvious brainy beauties, like Jodie Foster, Natalie Portman and Jennifer Beals. But, like any list, it is far from complete.

So because I know you are all simply beside yourselves waiting for another list, I will keep you waiting no longer. Here are some of the women who prove to me that smart is sexy. Think of it as my anti-Britney list.

Maggie Gyllenhaal

She has a degree in literature from Columbia University. She also tends to choose roles that involve a whole lot of brain power, and she isn’t afraid to speak her mind. I love that in a woman.

Amanda Peet

Another Columbia grad, who just happens to have really good taste in friends.

Danica McKellar

Child star, math genius, and summa cum laude graduate of UCLA. Need I say more?

Brooke Shields

Princeton, anyone? How about with a degree in French literature? Oui, Oui.

Hedy Lamarr

Like your cell phones? I’m not sure what I’d do without mine. And we all have Hedy Lamarr to thank for it. That’s right, her ideas about frequency hopping provided the basis for cell phone technology and secure military communications. How’s that for smart?

Angela Bassett

Loved her as Tina Turner. Loved her biceps, too, but that’s a different issue. She also happens to be a Yale grad.

Sandra Oh

Student council president and environmental club founder in high school, she turned down a scholarship at Carleton University in Ottawa in order to study drama at the National Theater School in Montreal. And now she gets to play doctor every week. Smart choice, I’d say.

Lisa Kudrow

Do you have any idea how smart you have to be to pull off a character like Phoebe? I’ll tell you. You have to be brilliant. And Kudrow is. She’s got a degree in Biology from Vassar.

I know I’ve missed some of your favorites. They’ll feel neglected if you don’t share.

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