Charlize Theron is sexy for all the right reasons


I think the readers of this

site know a little about sexy women. In fact, I would say that we’re

experts on the matter. So I believe we’re more than qualified to weight

in on Esquire’s choice for this year’s Sexiest Woman Alive. Drum roll, please. Oh, never mind.

I know you can see the picture.

Charlize Theron

is this year’s sexiest living lady, following recent honorees Scarlett

, Jessica Biel and Angelina Jolie. To which

I say, nice choice, fellas. Y’all did good this year. Real good.

I feel confident when I say

that this pick won’t devolve into the great Maxim Hot 100 list

throwdown from

earlier this year. What I like best about Charlize, besides her playing

gay and terrifying in Monster, is that the more I read about

her, the more I like her.

Now, I can’t decide whether the accompanying Esquire

, written

in the form of a screenplay, is pretentious or brilliant. I suspect

it’s a bit of both. But least it’s an easy, and dare I say fun,

read. And Charlize comes across as real, smart and interesting. Like

I was saying, sexy. I mean, what other actress would start talking Roe

v. Wade and America’s dwindling status as a superpower in a story

about sexiness?

As she told the reporter when

he called back to sexy up the story: “We had an intense conversation.

We talked politics, sure. But I talked about my dog dying. I f——

cried about it in front of you. That’s pretty rare. Sexiness is rare

at least, isn’t it?”

Yes, Charlize, sexiness is

rare. And that makes you a rare breed, indeed.

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