Fashion Friday: Bell bottoms and cheetah spots and lesbian tendencies, oh my


Friday is always a good day to take stock and reflect. As I reflect on my week, I realize that things could have been a whole lot worse. I mean, I could have worn any of this stuff. Shudder.

Jennifer Lopez: This reminds me of a candle I had in college. It was shaped like a mushroom and covered in a hippie motif. But when I lit it, it stunk, so I threw it out. The moral of this story is this: Stinky candles make stinky outfits. The end.

Suze Ormond: She looks like a deconstructed Chester Cheetah. Spots here, orange there. It’s not easy being cheesy.

k.d. lang: When did k.d. lang become Elton John and Elton John become k.d. lang? I’m not sure who should be more upset about this Freaky Fridaying of bodies, but it’s definitely freaking me out.

Michelle Rodriguez: This is a perfect example of why context matters. For a fun afternoon running around with a roommate gal pal friend of the female persuasion, this look is hot. For a serious afternoon in court to discuss a probation violation with a judge, this look is not. Tuck in your shirt: You’re facing jail time, young lady.

Clay Aiken: Kathy Griffin, paging Kathy Griffin. Your joke is waiting, your joke is waiting.

Mena Suvari: This outfit clearly came off the rack that read: “Now with 25% more lesbian tendencies.”

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