The Face Transformer: fun, freaky and frightening


Every wonder what your favorite star would look like as a work of art? Or a

Japanese animation? Or a baby? Or an apeman? (Well, hopefully you haven’t wondered

too much about the latter, ’cause that’s just weird and makes me think I shouldn’t

sit next to you on the subway.) As for the rest, wonder no more. The

Face Transformer
is here to help you slack off at work find the answers.

Answers to questions like, “What would Salma Hayek look as

painted by Alfons Mucha?

Much like the insanely addictive,

The Face Transformer lets you manipulate famous faces. You can choose from more

than a dozen options, ranging from different ages to races to painting styles

and, yes, ape features. I stayed away from the racial and simian choices in

favor of art and age. The results were alternately fun, freaky and down-right


Lucy Lawless by Amedeo Modigliani: Fierce, I’d hang that on my wall.

Michelle Yeoh by Botticelli: Lovely, a rosy-cheeked delight.

Kate Winslet as a manga character: Crazy, look out Sailor Moon

Halle Berry as a baby: Alien chic, take me to your leader.

Sarah Shahi as an older adult: Uhh, she might consider investing heavily in moisturizer.

Post your favorites, and freakiest, creations below. Just no apemen. I mean it, that’s just wrong.

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