What Alicia Keys says in “Vegas”…


A reader (thanks raquel_pt!)

tipped me off to singer Alicia Keys’ new interview and photo

spread in the September issue of Vegas


Now, I’m not a huge Alicia Keys fan — loved “Fallin'”, wasn’t

impressed with Smokin Aces

— but these photos are fairly … inspiring:

In the interview, Keys explains that when she started off in the business,

she was just a “girl from the street … trying to do her thing” —

which did not include embracing the glamour. “Stylists would come at me

with seven-inch stilettos, but I wanted to wear Timberlands!” Now, however,

she’s more comfortable in her skin, “less rigid and more open to different

experiences.” Consequently, Keys has “lost her once-trademark tomboy-chic

look” in favor of “a new sense of sophistication”, according

to the interviewer.

Keys goes on to admit she’s guarded, dismisses rumors of her sexuality as silly

and par for the course, and cops to dating a “really brilliant” unnamed

man for a year now who “allows me to be my own woman.”

Um, okay, sure. Whatever you say Alicia. I’m just going to look at the pretty pictures now.

I do like her new single “No One”, though. It’s off her upcoming

album “As I Am”, and you can listen to it here:

While we’re talking about Vegas magazine, take a look at some of their covers featuring women who’ve played lesbian-ish roles in the past:

In case you can’t tell, that’s Rebecca Romjin (Femme

), Carmen Electra (Joan

Jett’s “AC/DC” video
), Olivia Wilde (The

), and Bridget Moynahan (Gray

). And yes, I hardly recognized Rebecca or Bridget, either. Seriously,

why go to all the trouble of getting a celebrity for your cover and then putting

her in such weird outfits/hairdos/makeup that you can’t tell who she is?

And why is Vegas magazine only putting their first African American woman on the cover

now, four years after they launched in 2003?

Look for this and other unanswered questions on next week’s edition of Magazine Mysteries! And check out more photos of Alicia in Vegas magazine at Alicia-Keys.net.

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