“Girl/Girl Scene” is coming back for Season 3


Fans of the webseries Girl/Girl Scene will have something to smile about starting on November 18th. The show’s creator and star, Tucky Williams, is bringing the popular webseries back for a third season.

When we last saw Evan, her girlfriend Avery (Kayden Kross) revealed that she had originally approached Evan after finding out how wealthy she was, which broke Evan’s heart. Evan later kissed best friend Bender (Abisha Uhl), which was discovered by Bender’s fiancé/Evan’s friend Maxine (Katie Stewart). What a fine mess.

A lot has changed for the character Evan since the events of that fateful night. Season 3 picks up roughly two years after the Season 2 finale, and is much smaller-scaled than the previous seasons. The cast is much smaller too, the episodes shorter, and the season focuses on Evan’s relationship with a pretty and brilliant young woman named Rose (Ashley Bacon). Evan is still up to her old default settings of have sex first, ask questions later, but she may actually have met her match in Rose. Evan, who has managed to build up a fortress of steel around her emotions, slowly lets the earnest and thoughtful Rose in.

Girl Girl feat

“The reason I’ve made Season 3 is for the fans,” Tucky said.” I was getting literally dozens of emails, messages and Tweets every week asking for a Season 3. The web is moving in a different direction, so making 30 or 40 minute episodes was out of the question. These six new episodes are five to ten minutes long and designed specifically for a web audience. And I really want to give a gift to the loyal and dedicated Girl/Girl Scene fans.  They are the ones responsible for the success of Girl/Girl Scene. They are like family to me.”

Tucky is also thrilled to have a new leading lady in Ashley. “She has a Zooey Deschanel adorkable vibe. She’s an amazing actress, so I would have cast her no matter what,” Tucky gushed. “But an added bonus is that I was able to feature a girl who doesn’t have a ‘Hollywood body’. It’s written into the story that her character, Rose, has body image issues. But girls with curves are sexy! And Ashley is hands-down one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. We had a lot of fun working together, and it shows onscreen.”

You can certainly expect the same sexy, intense drama that Girl/Girl Scene fans have come to expect, but this time, the series feels much more intimate. Below is a behind the scenes clip of Tucky and Ashley filming one of the show’s steamy makeout scenes. (Slightly NSFW.)

Season 3 of Girl/Girl Scene debuts on Blip Tv, Tuesday November 18th.

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