“The Lphabet”: A (Episode 1)



As women of the LGBT persuasion know, there are many terms, phrases and shorthands we use to describe things that are unique to our community. This can be as tame as “equality” and as offensive as “carpet muncher”; as sexy as “androgynous” and as confounding as “futch.” So we brought in some experts (comics, writers and actors) who were quizzed on some choice words that are supposedly part of our lexicon. (Like, does anyone actually say “wusband”?) We’re calling this The Lphabet.

We’re taking on two words for each letter, so for the first episode, the letter “A” has our talking heads chatting about the words “androgynous” and “ally.”

A few of our fave quips:

“I feel like they’re foxes. If we were an animal group, the androgynous gals would be like a fox.” —Ever Mainard

“Now there’s andrygnous models— now there’s straight girls who had failing modeling careers so they cut off all their hair and put on a suit and now make money.” —Amy Jackson Lewis

“Katherine Moennig— she’s pretty andro, but she just wear pants a lot.” —Lindsay Hicks

“An ally is someone who will maybe sleep with you with enough drinks.” —Lianna Carrera

“An ally is a person who I wish I would have had with me when I went down on someone.” —Fawzia Mirza

“[An ally] is a person who is not a douchebag.” —Faith Choyce

Check back next week for an all new episode with some “B” words. Got suggestions for our future shows? Let us know!

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