Ne-Yo protégée Candice releases first single called “Lesbian”


A new 24-year-old R&B singer named Candice has released a single called “Lesbian” and it’s, well, terrible. The theme is not about gay women at all—in fact it’s all about a jealous boyfriend who is asking too many questions about Candice’s past sexual exploits. Which leads her to this chorus:

“Cuz you act like a girl sometimes/It’s like I’m a relationship with a chick every now and then/Got me feeling like a lesbian/I swear you become a bitch sometimes/It’s like when we get to arguin’/Got me feeling like a lesbian.”

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There are so many problems with this, which begs the question of how it even got put out onto a record with her mentor, NE-YO, having written some of the best pop soul music of the last several years. Not only is it completely offensive to be using “lesbian” as an insult, in general, but the idea that an entire song is devoted to a man acting a way Candice perceives as feminine and how “wrong” that is makes it even worse (Actual lyrics: “You got a vagina where your balls should be.”)

Candice, your ideas of gender and relationships based on your inquisitive partner are severely limiting. Also, lesbians might process a lot but we’re not “bitches” or “whores” as you sing in your song, and it’s unfortunate you’d sing that about any women. It’s just as bad when women call their male partners gay (or worse epithets) to hurt their pride. It’s just another way of saying “That’s gay,” using our sexual identities as hateful statements to be flung around. How do you suppose a man feels about being referred to as a “lesbian”? Probably just as bad we lesbians do about being used in reference to an annoying, questioning, jealous boyfriend.

Feel free to never listen to this song again.

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