Five Public Places To Meet The Woman Of Your Dreams


It seems like all my single friends are bemoaning the use of Tindr, OKCupid any kind of technological dating device these days. The women they are meeting are either misrepresenting themselves (aka they take reallllly good photos with even better filters), or the connection made over the internet doesn’t translate in real life. Which is why we’re celebrating the real life places you should be open to meeting a new perspective partner. We know it’s hard to muster some confidence and talk to a girl IRL, but we guarantee some confidence and conversation will make all the difference.


1. Starbucks. You love coffee, she loves coffee—you’re both waiting for your Pumpkin Spice Lattes so you might as well spark up a conversation. Maybe she’s sitting alone—would she like to join you at your table or on this comfy couch?

2. The Grocery Store. We give you full permission to judge her based on the contents of her cart. Say you like what you see—point out something inside and ask, “Is that any good? I’ve been meaning to try it myself.”

3. The Gym. You’re both seeing each other at your sweatiest, which means there’s even more beauty to behold when she gets a shower! Try not to ogle and tell her you like that move she’s doing. Can she help you deepen your squat?

4. The Dog Park. First, make sure your breeds are compatible or there’s no way this is going to work. Second, use your dog as a great excuse to start chatting: “Oh wow, Baxter just LOVES your beagle. What’s his name—and yours?”

5. The Bookstore. She reads! That’s already a point on her scoreboard. Now, what section is she in? Steer clear of self-help and the kids section, unless you’re looking for a fixer-uper or an instafamily.

Don’t be scared to approach someone in a public place. We’re all looking for a little human connection, and at the very least you’ve got a fun new story to share with friends. Over coffee, perhaps?

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