The Huddle: Fall Traditions


It’s officially fall, y’all. Do you have any fall traditions? Like drinking your weight in Pumpkin Spice Lattes? Apple picking? Breaking out the flannel? How do you celebrate the year’s most brief yet glorious season?

Grace Chu: I refrain from placing bets on the “is she or isn’t she” game, because everyone starts wearing flannel so the odds are stacked against anyone who plays.

Flannel Huddle

Marcie Bianco: Beyond watching You’ve Got Mail a bajillion times, beginning in September (“a bouquet of sharpened pencils,” anyone?), I usually begin to consume more cinnamon (-sugar) products that may or may not have an apple base.


Sarah Terez Rosenblum: I usually take advantage of the time change and get up an hour earlier. Both because I’m type A and because I need my vitamin D.

Eboni Rafus: OK, I’ll confess: I’m that basic autumn-loving chick everyone makes fun of on Facebook and Instagram. Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Apple Picking. Scented candles. Layered colorful scarves. I’m all about it! I’m bummed that I no longer live in New England to witness the best of Fall’s foliage, but I make up for it by making and consuming anything that has to do with apple or pumpkin-I bake apple pie from scratch, brew apple-cider with cinnamon, and eat all the seasonal pumpkin flavor food I can find. You guys, did you know there is pumpkin flavor mochi ice-cream?  It’s the

Pumpkin patch Huddle

Bridget McManus: I am not a fan of fall at all, but to make do I always have an abundant amount of pumpkin spice candles and I bust out my heating blanket and crank it up to 10.

Valerie Anne: I love fall in NYC because it’s cold, but not what-is-air? cold, so you can dress all cozy but not feel like the 10 minute walk to the subway might kill you. I drink almost exclusively pumpkin beer in the fall. I also watch Hocus Pocus at least once (OK fine, I watch my Hocus Pocus DVD onceI also watch it every time it’s on ABC Family). Whip out the electric blanket for extra toasty reading binges. Plan an elaborate and clever Halloween costume but never actually make/buy/wear it. And most importantly, aim for and crunch the heck out of fallen leaves because I’m actually seven.

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