Brandi Carlile celebrates marriage equality and covers “Murder in the City”


Brandi Carlile is a wife and a mother, so it only makes sense that’d she change the lyrics of The Avett Brothers‘ “Murder in the City” to include both of the women in her life. Brandi posted a video of her cover with the description, “Took a little walk today in Virginia on the day of The Supreme Court ruling…or lack thereof. Beautiful time in our lives.”

As you can hear, Brandi changes the line “Make sure my sister knows I love her/ Make sure my mother knows the same” to “Make sure my wife knows I love her/ Make sure my daughter knows the same.” Speaking of her daughter, Evangeline, Brandi shared the most adorable of the two of them together recently.


Brandi is currently on her Pin Drop Tour. Check out the tourdates on her Facebook page.

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