Cameron Diaz is going to Vegas with Michelle Krusiec


The lovely Cameron Diaz is currently filming her newest romantic comedy, titled What Happens in Vegas. The film costars Ashton Kutcher and revolves around two strangers who find themselves wed after a night of debauchery in Las Vegas. Plus, one of them has won a hefty jackpot on the other’s nickel (or maybe it’s a quarter). Wackiness ensues as they try to keep each other from claiming the prize. Naturally, they end up falling in love during the process.

Personally, I could do without Ashton Kutcher, and the plot sounds like something that will annoy me rather than amuse me. However, I’ll probably see it at some point just so I can look at Diaz.

Add to that the recent news that Michelle Krusiec will also be in the flick, and I’m doubly sold.

For those of you who don’t remember, or haven’t had the pleasure of seeing it, Krusiec co-starred with Lynn Chen in Saving Face. She played Wil, the shy, reserved lesbian doctor who tries to help her mother, played by Joan Chen, save face in their Chinese-American community. Seems her unmarried mom has managed to get herself pregnant. In the meantime, Wil has a secret of her own when she falls for the enchanting Vivian, played by Lynn Chen.

But Saving Face is far from the only thing on Krusiec’s resume. She has played with one of Charlie’s Angels before, with a role in Drew Barrymore‘s Duplex. She’s also been all over the place in guest roles, both before Saving Face and since then. She’s got a recurring role in ABC’s new fall show Dirty Sexy Money, and she’s starring opposite Michelle Yeoh (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) in Far North, which is screening at the Venice Film Festival.

Now, I’ve been to Vegas. There are rules, so I can’t tell you what I did while I was there. (Let’s just say it wasn’t nearly as interesting as what one of my buddies did when she came home with a Canadian.) So far there’s no word on what Krusiec’s role will be or how she figures in to the Diaz/Kutcher plot line. Is it wrong for me to hope that we can find out what happens in Vegas with Kutcher out of the picture?

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