15 Country Albums for the Queer Woman’s Music Collection

Mary GauthierDixie Kitchen (1997)maryg

A prolific singer/songwriter, Mary has been recording music since 1990 and Dixie Kitchen is just one of her great albums. “Ever Easy” is a great story about loving and losing, and trying to get past the hurt. “Mama Louisiana” is a soulful dedication to her home state.

Mount MorahMiracle Temple (2013)mount

Heather McEntire fronts the trio whose debut LP is focused largely on songs about spirituality and sexuality. There’s a strong rock ‘n roll element, but Heather’s Southern Baptist influence are definitely apparent on songs like “Bright Light.”

Sera CahooneDeer Creek Canyon (2011)serac

An accomplished drummer, Sera is also an incredible songwriter with lines like, “Forget you in the summer, by fall I always want you back.” She’s got romance in even the saddest of songs, and her voice is sexy as all get out.

Lindsay FullerYou, Anniversary (2012)LindsayFuller_YouAnniversary1

While we’re talking sexy voices, Lindsay Fuller’s deep alto vibrato is a must for any fan of Johnny Cash. The antithesis of pop country, Lindsay’s songs aren’t formulaic and expected. Instead, they are challenging, full and fun. You can often see her playing shows with Amy Ray.

Jenny Hoyston and William Elliott WhitmoreHallways of Always (2006)hoyston

The Erase Errata frontwoman has been known for post-punk and feminist indie rock but her collaboration with midwest country man William Elliott Whitmore produced one fine collection of delightful banjo-tinged songs. “Marrow” is an upbeat ditty about commitment and promises of Jenny’s daddy “being a real good shot.” Old school country all the way.

Cris Williamson and Teresa TrullCountry Blessed (1989)williamson

This 1989 offering was a little bit of a departure for the out lesbian folkster, but with producer Teresa Trull, Cris proved she had the chops to sing stories of a different kind. “Calamity Jane,” for instance, is a real delight: “Calamity Jane, queen of the plane, an Angel of Mercy around the range.”

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