Emily Schromm wins “Women’s Health” Next Fitness Star, finds out on live television


As someone who is an avid reader of women’s health and fitness magazines, I can attest to the fact they are, by-and-large, pretty straight. Outside of the broader exercise and nutrition talk, these publications also include more general tidbits and pieces on mental, physical and sexual health, and often those discussions include mentions of “your guy.”

So when I found out that out bisexual personality Emily Schromm was up for Women’s Health‘s Next Fitness Star, I was thrilled. Not only is Women’s Health my favorite of the women’s fitness mag genre, but Emily is out and proud and has been since she first appeared on The Real World: DC. Since she appeared on the MTV series, she’s dedicated her life to advocating for living your best, fittest life. She offers up advice, workouts, nutrition challenges and glimpses into her CrossFit Box on her social media.


Today on Good Morning America, Emily Schromm was announced as the winner of Women’s Health Next Fitness Star, which means she will appear in a DVD series, in the magazine and also contribute to the publication, which gives me great hope for the magazine’s LGBT-friendliness.

Emily’s girlfriend, Michelle Kinney, is also way into fitness, and recently competed in the CrossFit Games, where she came in 12th in the world. They’re super adorable, as seen in these photos and also a recent appearance together on the Barbell Shrugged video podcast.

Follow Emily on Twitter and Instagram @emilymtv and Michelle, too (Twitter: @michelle_kinney, Instagram: @michelle_kinney.)

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