The Huddle: Classes We Wish Existed (Because We Want to Take Them)


This week, HelloGiggles offered up a few classes they wish they’d been able to take in life, like Financial Responsibility 101. So for this week’s Huddle, we’re talking about the courses we would have signed up for in a heartbeat, because dammit, we could have used some instruction.

Heather Hogan: I wish I could take a class called Grace Chu Teaches Me to Cook Like She’s in Love, and what it would be is lessons on how to cook all the fucking delicious-looking meals she keeps posting on Facebook that she’s feeding her girlfriend. Mussels steamed in rose wine. Stuffed grape leaves. Pan-seared tuna. And then if you were like the Hermione Granger of the class with straight A’s (I would be the Hermione Granger of the class with straight A’s), she’d also give you some tips on photographing your meals. Also, obviously: Defense Against the Dark Arts and Charms.


Ali Davis: The class I want to take would be called Yes, You Idiot, She Was Flirting.


Dana Piccoli: Metabolism 201 — that thing you used to have, what’s up with that, and how to get it back (sort of).


Marcie Bianco: Kathleen Hanna(h) Montana: Riot Grrrl, 1990 Through Today.


Kim Hoffman: Whatever, just sign me up for Marcie’s class! I would also be down for Gay ’90s — everything gay that went on in the decade, including but not limited to the foreshadowing of lesbian chic fashion as worn by popular male artists like New Kids On the Block, Ellen, the ski-vest/folk period of Tegan and Sara and a deep look at tomboy characters we (I) had the hots for.

Chrissie Hynde at Jones Beach

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