Lady Parts Justice launches tonight to help women reclaim their rights


Lizz Winstead is the co-creator of The Daily Show, but the hilarious and political-minded feminist has a new project every woman and person who likes women (read: every human) should know about and support. Lady Parts Justice is a humorous approach to women’s rights, and with its official launch tonight, there are now 50 videos (one for every state) educating and entertaining us on the attack on women in the United States. No state is safe, you’ll see, even the one you live in.


Tune in at 8:30 PM ET to watch the livestream from the official launch event in New York with some special guests.

Here are a few of their state videos to give you a taste of the kinds of things Lady Parts Justice offers.

Out comic Lianna Carrera talks about why Virginia is for lesbians.

Ally Sheedy speaks with Lizz about why New York is not a “safe state” when LGBT youth and women are on the streets and in need of help.

Not only is this North Carolina video one of the most hilarious thanks to Leah Bonnema, but I’m wearing my very lesbian necklace made by  Otherwild. (Pink triangles forever!)

And trans comic D’Lo shows why California isn’t so different from Sri Lanka.

Head over to to watch the other videos and find out more about the project, including the nationwide V to Shining V events happening in September. You’ll be in great company with those who support LPJ including Sarah Silverman, Holly Miranda, Sally Kohn and all kinds of other musicians, comics, actors and writers who care about your well being and human rights.


Follow LPJ on Twitter (@LadyPJustice), Instagram (@ladypjustice) and Facebook. Your girlfriend thanks you.

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