Photographer Kristy Boyce wants to show “What Dyke Looks Like”


Photographic journalist Kristy Boyce has turned her gaze to Russia’s LGBT community, in light of the country’s most recent wave of anti-LGBT activist legislation and the Sochi Olympics.

Through her ongoing project, “What Dyke Looks Like,” Boyce traveled to Russia to document, she explains, “the hypocrisy of having the Olympics in a country while its people suffer human rights abuses.” Boyce believes that this particular endeavor in portrait-making is a collaborative process that functions as a kind of “reverse discourse,” as a way to give Russia’s LGBT community an avenue of expression. In tandem with this objective, she has also produced video interviews of members of the community in order to “allow a more dominant, direct voice of [the] people,” from coming out stories to testimonies of bigoted violence experienced against them.

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With over 25 participants so far, including a rainbow of community members, from trans men to femmes, butches to bears, Boyce’s next goal is to turn this documentary footage into a published book.

Find out more about “What Dykes Look Like,” and particularly the Sochi edition, at or on Facebook.

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