The second season of “Kiss Her I’m Famous” is even swoon-ier than the first!


TelloFilms‘ web series Kiss Her I’m Famous won me over during its first season in a big way. In it,  Tracy Ryerson and Ilea Matthews‘ play longtime best friends who decide to make a sex tape together to get back at their ex-girlfriend and ex-boyfriend, respectively. Creator Rolla Selbak, who you remember from Three Veils, struck a perfect balance between burgeoning love story, gay lady in-jokes, and satirical skewering of our sex- and reality TV-obsessed culture. That last thing is particularly fun to watch as Ryerson is, of course, most famous for her days on The Real L Word. Well, the series is back for a second season and I am happy to report that all of those elements are as satisfying as ever.


Season two picks up about, oh, an hour after season one left off. Which is to say: Jen and Mandy are getting dressed after finishing their sex tape. There’s some discussion about whether or not they enjoyed it and how they can keep things from getting awkward between them. It doesn’t take long for them to settle back into their BFFship — except there’s a different kind of tension between them now because they definitely had a good time doing the deed. The first five episodes of season two find Jen and Mandy navigating this new space they’re in while trying to capitalize on the monumental success of their “leaked” tape, complete with an agent and a press tour. The catch is they have to pretend to be together and in love.


As has become the standard for TelloFilms’ premium web series, Kiss Her I’m Famous is super professional. The writing is top notch; the directing is slick (the whole thing was filmed in HD); Ryerson and Matthews, whose chemistry is scorching this time around, are even more comfortable in front of the camera. Heck, even the sound design and editing put this thing in a class with few other queer web series. Plus, because it was created for gay ladies by gay ladies, you know you’re not going to get thrown under the Family Television Council bus that network TV execs still inexplicably duck and dodge on the regular.


And, as an added bonus, Fawzia Mirza (Kam Kardashian!) and Noureen DeWulf have joined the cast for season two!

All of season one and the first five episodes of season two are available at in Tello Films’ premium content section, and the two-part season finale will drop on Valentine’s Day.

Have you checked out Kiss Her I’m Famous? What do you think so far?

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