The Huddle: 2014 Resolutions


It’s that time of year again, when it’s, you know, a new one. Time to start with a clean slate, like December 31, 2013 didn’t happen at all and you can now be your best self. (Everyone else will be great, too, so don’t worry!)

OK, friends. Let’s all share our resolutions for the new year. What are you resolving to do or be in 2014?

Kim Hoffman: Let stuff go, finally finish writing my screenplay, meditate more often, live the dream of the ’90s, and continue to ask big questions like: What would Troian Bellisario do?

Eboni Rafus: Finish my screenplay. Expand my novella into a full-size novel. Finish my YA novel. Write more articles for AE. So basically…write.

Dana Piccoli: Drink a little less beer, a little more wine. Put that new gym membership to use so I can start dressing more like Paige McCullers. See more theatre. Write a one-act musical.


Anna Pulley: To turn Jennifer Lawrence, and be able to do one pull up.

Emily Hartl: I don’t really love making full-on resolutions but the goal is to finally learn how to read tarot cards.

Dara Nai: Eat more gluten.

Chloe: I want to stick to a schedule and not feel guilty so easily.

Jill Guccini: Write more, read more, become more proficient in Spanish and Italian, cook more, run more, feel less down on myself because of money, hike more with my dog, be kind.

Valerie Anne: I want to cook more (order in less), go on more adventures, write more stories, meet new people. And take better advantage of the fact that I live in New York City. I’ve been here for the better part of eight years and still haven’t been to the Statue of Liberty.


Bridget McManus: To focus on being in the present moment and eat more broccoli.

Elaine Atwell: I resolve to be a really good owner to my dog, and hopefully teach her how to make and bring me my morning coffee.

Heather Hogan: My New Year’s Resolution is to finally forgive the Skins creative team for Skins Fire.


My actual New Year’s Resolution is to ride my bike five miles for every beer I drink. I’m hoping to get caught up in some kind of alcohol/endorphin feedback loop that basically involves pedaling back and forth from coast to coast like some kind of Forest Gump, feeling awesome, drinking up all the greatest craft beers in the USA.

Erika Star: Not doing that again. Hashtag, repetitive patterns.

Karman Kregloe: I’m going to spend more time outdoors, take some risks,  accept life’s adventures and enjoy the ride.

Marcie Bianco: Run a half marathon, finish and publish my memoir on lesbian affairs in academia, and, if a girl can dream, become the next Melissa Harris-Perry.

Ali Davis: More walking away from shallow and/or toxic friendships; more walking towards what makes me happy.


Grace Chu: I plan to find the pot at the end of the rainbow and demand that it becomes legal nationwide. Actually, scratch that. I just plan to eat more greens and drink more water.

Trish Bendix: I really hope to buy some stationary and write loved ones letters, snail mail style. I also want to keep a journal, because I’m really terrible at it. All these things will be easier accomplished if I can resolve to have better handwriting.

Lucy Hallowell: Be brave. Don’t quit writing.

Nicole Schultz: To get off my butt and stop talking about roller derby and actually join it. And I need to stop sweating the small stuff and just enjoy the ride.

Share yours with us, too! We’ll keep you accountable.

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