11 times Maria Bello pinged our gaydar

6. The time she perfected the lesbian slouch.



Your move, Emily Fields.

7. The time her chemistry with gay-for-pay legend Piper Perabo was off the charts.


In Coyote Ugly, Lil introduces Violet as her “new girl.” And then the way they look at each other and their body language and basically this is the reason subtext ships are born.

8. Her role on ER.


There’s just something about an adorable blonde pediatric surgeon in a ponytail that just hollers “gaymo” to us.

9. Her role in The Jane Austen Book Club.


Jocelyn is a 50-year-old, never-married woman who is obsessed with Jane Austen and breeds Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Her favorite Austen heroine is Emma Woodhouse. And if you don’t think Emma Woodhouse was secretly in love with Harriet Smith, I don’t even know what to say to you.

10. All those times she kept on with the hats.


Flicka, The Mummy: It’s like she reached a point in her career where she refused to take a role if she couldn’t butch it up with a hat of some kind.

11. The time she became a humanitarian advocate.

We Advance Haiti Benefit Hosted By Maria Bello

You know who loves saving the world more than queer women? Literally no one. After the devastating earthquake in Haiti in 2010, she co-founded a charity called “We Advance,” a grassroots effort to empower Haitian women, provide them with healthcare, and put a stop to gender-based violence. She is also a member of Artists for Peace and Justice.

12: [Bonus!]: Her time on Law & Order: SVU.

The Joyful Heart Foundation Presents: JoyROCKS To Celebrate The NO MORE PSA Launch

There was nothing particularly gay about her role; we just ship pretty much all women with Detective Olivia Benson.

Did Maria Bello ping your gaydar before her NYT essay?

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