11 times Maria Bello pinged our gaydar


By now you’ve read Maria Bello‘s wonderful, heartfelt essay in The New York Times in which she revealed that she is a queer woman. The internet has been buzzing about it all day, and basically what we’re hearing from our readers and our staff is a collective cry of, “There’s something about her that always made me wonder! So, to celebrate Bello’s courage and candor in revealing that she is in a relationship with Clare Munn, chairperson of new/social media organization The Communication Group, here are 12 times Maria Bello pinged our gaydar.

1. That time she displayed her swagger (which was all the times).


Yeah, yeah, we know: Not every woman who can work a power suit and the side-smirk while emitting an aura of confidence and power is a soft butch, but almost every soft butch can work a power suit and the side-smirk while emitting an aura of confidence and power — so you can’t blame us for having a Pavlovian response to Bello’s gender atypical energy!

2. That time she modeled suits for Oprah’s O magazine.

maria-bello-2 maria-bello-2a

Good Lord, the number of suits this woman has been photographed in over the years. We’d be willing to bet she’s second only to Ellen.

3. That time she couldn’t get enough of Jane Timoney’s fedora.

Prime Suspect

The critics hated her hat, but she refused to take it off.

4. Seriously, she wore that thing everywhere.


Maria Bello And Son Jackson Visit Epcot At Walt Disney World

She wore it when she was making the rounds on talk shows. She put ears on it and wore it to Disney World. Come on!

5. That time she revealed that her fedora came from “her friend” Clare.

She told Entertainment Weekly:

“I was obsessed with the hat. Yes. I feel like it’s my magic hat. When I put it on, I was this character. It felt right to me. It felt like this is who Jane is. And I got it from my friend Claire. The first night I ever met her, she handed me the hat. She said, ‘This belongs to you.’ And I put it on, and for me, it’s Jane Timoney.”

Her friend Clare is now her girlfriend Clare; you can read about the night they met (the night of the hat!) in Bello’s NYT piece. I guess that explains that!

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