AfterEllen Huddle: Pressing questions for our favorite celebrities



Interviewing celebrities is a tricky business. When we talk to them, there are questions we can’t ask, sometimes because of unspoken rules or common decorum or demands from a publicist. And even if we could ask all the questions we want, lots of times celebs can’t answer honestly (or at all). So this week, we asked our writers to weigh in on this topic: If you could ask one celebrity one question who/what would you ask? Assuming of course that they are under the influence of truth serum and have to tell the truth.

Elaine AtwellKristen Stewart: “So?” And it would be followed by a suggestive eyebrow waggle.

Kim Hoffman — In keeping with Elaine’s theme: I’d have one question for Kate Moennig. ‘Nuff Said. And if by some strange fate I couldn’t, even under truth serum, get it, erm, out of her. I’d just zip over to Ilene Chaiken‘s house and ask her: WHO KILLED JENNY?

Grace Chu I would ask Michelle Rodriguez just what kind of sausage she likes. I mean, I like sausage too. I love currywurst, bratwurst, soppressata and even the breakfast patties at Cracker Barrel.

Marcie Bianco — Tig and I already discussed this back in 2011. But, I’d say “No moleste?” And she’d say, “Si. Si moleste.”

Ali Davis — I kind of want to ask Tallulah Bankhead what her absolute best, most insane old-time celebrity story is. If I have to pick a living celebrity, I’d ask Sandra Bernhard who was the most fun. Interpret that as you will.

Emily Donofrio — I’d really like to ask Ellen Page, “What’s the hold up?” For legal reasons I can say no more, but I think we all know what I’m getting at here.

Trish Bendix — I’d ask Meryl Streep if she could only pick one of her films, which would she recommend someone to see and why?

Chloe — I would ask Suge Knight what really happened to Tupac and Biggie. He knows.

Lucy Hallowell — I would ask Maggie Smith to describe how she imagines a scene involving the the Dowager Countess and Minerva McGonagall would go. Back up question: I’d ask Lindsay Shaw how she got that badass scar on her forehead.

Valerie Anne — I would ask Tatiana Maslany, “Can I keep you?” Casper-style. (Hm, seems a little more creepy when it’s me and not an adorable fictional character…it was sweet in my head.)

Heather Hogan — I’d ask Harper Lee why she stopped writing books after To Kill a Mockingbird.

Nicole Schultz — I would ask Christina Hendricks why she has ignored the dozen or so marriage proposal letters I have sent her. And what’s with the restraining order?

Dara Nai — To Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Mindy Kaling and/or Jenji Kohan: Can I have a job?

Dana Piccoli — I’d ask Jodie Foster what the deal is with her lezbromance with Mel Gibson. It baffles me.

Bridget McManus — I would ask Natalie Wood what happened that tragic night on the boat. She was so talented and the world lost her way too soon. And if she was murdered, that monster should be brought to justice!

If you could ask any celebrity any question, who and what would you ask?

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