Greetings from trashville: “Girltrash!” Episode 6


I gotta say, I love Episode #6. It’s the introduction of MONIQUE, as
well as MISTY and COLBY. Rose Rollins is an effing genius. I told her
to go off on my friend, JOEL MICHAELY, who is playing IRRITATING
LAUNDRY GUY. Hilarious. A couple of years ago, we didn’t have a
washer-dryer and would have to go do our laundry at this laundromat in
Hollywood, and I ran into this annoying guy who took my damn clothes
out of the dryer before it was dry and gave me this big bulls—
explanation — anyways, this is my filmic revenge.

We had about a half hour to shoot the laundromat scene. The owner of
the location said we could shoot there, but didn’t want to shut down,
so we had to do the crazy scene with people around doing their

In this episode, Tyler, Daisy and LouAnne are on the run from the
Widowmaker’s thugs in Tyler’s crappy Grand Torino. We spent a lot of
time looking for a car crappy/cool enough to be worthy of Tyler. All
the rentals we looked at were way too nice, and then I drove past the
Grand Torino sitting on the street with a For Sale sign on it. We
contacted the owner and rented it for 2 nights to do our driving
shots. I was thrilled because the car looked amazing, but when we got
in it, something was wrong with the exhaust, so it kind of cycled it
back into the car, so we had to keep stopping every couple of blocks
to air out the car. Michelle, Lisa and Rikki were incredible troupers.

We wanted to shoot more with the Grand Torino, but we parked it on the
street overnight, and then it got towed and when we went to try and
get it back turns out it had over a thousand dollars worth of parking
tickets on it and would have cost more than the car was worth to get
it out of the tow place, so that was the last we saw of the Grand
Torino. Too bad, it was an awesomely trashy vehicle.

Now our story really kicks into gear — Tyler, Daisy and LouAnne are
on the run for their lives! Monique has kidnapped Misty and Colby!
They’re running out of time and options! WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT!?! Stay
tuned … and

watch episode 6 now!

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