Sarah and Lori’s Video Blog: “Army Wives” “Burn Notice” “The Best Years” and more.


It’s time for another video blog roundup of what my girlfriend Lori and I watched this week! Yes, it’s just as riveting as it sounds.

We covered this week’s episodes of Army Wives and Hell’s Kitchen, the premiere episodes of Burn Notice and The Best Years, and what we thought TV Guide left off their list of The Top 30 Cult TV Shows.

As usual, we ended up wandering way off topic, to things like Birds of Prey, Felicity, Lena Headey, volleyball player Gabrielle Reece, and why you should give Jessica Alba another look. Plus Lori managed to sneak in more Xena references, and I got to make some Arrested Development jokes, which always makes me happy.

But all of these tangents somehow made this episode even longer than last week’s video blog, when we were actually trying to make it shorter. Sorry about that — next time, we’re going to use an egg timer!

Watch the video here now:

Oh, and one more thing: we need a short and pithy name for this vlog, so if you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments. Thanks!

MONDAY MORNING UPDATE: Thanks everyone for the great name suggestions in the comments (and the great comments)! We like several of the names — some, like Black Leather Blog and Lesbian Gangster Couch Potatoes, really made us laugh, but probably won’t make the cut — we’re going to noodle over options this week and roll out the new name next weekend.

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