Pink loves her butch image


Pink is on the cover of Redbook magazine where she was asked about what makes her feel beautiful. In true Pink form, she answered like this:

Well, I was always considered butch. Feeling beautiful to me is when I feel good in my leather pants and my husband grabs my ass. Or when I’m sitting on a mat and my daughter runs to me with complete joy. Beautiful has never been my goal. Joy is my goal — to feel healthy and strong and powerful and useful and engaged and intelligent and in love. It’s about joy. And there’s such joy now.

That butch or masculine edge Pink has had always made her a hit with gay girls. Well that and her self-confidence, which is as enviable as her hot bod.

‘A girl like me’ is someone who doesn’t rest on her looks, who has had people tell me from day one, ‘You’re never going to get magazine covers because you’re not pretty enough.’ I’m totally comfortable with that. I know my strong points: I work hard, I have talent, I’m funny, and I’m a good person.”

Grab a copy of Redbook for the rest of the interview — and the photos.

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