Watch now! The “Better Than You” music video from Heather Peace


Lip Service star Heather Peace has announced that she will release her much anticipated debut studio album, Fairytales, on May 21 on her own label Kaleidoscope Records. According to her press release, the album
is produced bythe Oscar-nominated Nigel Wright and is "a collection of gorgeous piano melodies, lush string arrangements and raw, personal self-penned lyrics delivered by Heather’s heart-stopping, soaring vocals."

Peace says, "There are quite a lot of dark songs on the album, I really spilled my guts out into the lyrics so the title Fairytales might be misleading. But my favourite fairytales were always the Grimm’s Brother versions anyway, I just think everyone writes better songs when they’re a bit miserable. When you’re happy you’re with your friends in the pub aren’t you?”

Heather has a special introduction to her first video from the album, just for her fans:


Now check out "Better Than You " below:


So what do you think?

"Better Than You" will be released as a single worldwide through iTunes on April 30.

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