Paula Pell on being out in the “SNL” writers’ room and her new web series


While we’re waiting patiently for The Nest to get made, Paula is also working on a book. If you don’t already follow her on Twitter, you should do so immediately, because she’s often dishing out some great advice.

“I give advice to gay young girls—not just gay but I did a thing on Rookie mag for gay young girls,” Paula said. “But I’ve done a lot of these ‘Hey, young girl’ things that are just advice and stuff I used to tell my nieces as they grew up. I’d go sit on them and say ‘If you ever get involved in the sex industry…’ I’d threaten them. I’d say ‘I will come down there, because I will find out where it is, and I will stop it and I will pick you up over my shoulder and carry you to an undisclosed location and I will deprogram you for three months. And then I will pay for you to go get another career.’ And they would laugh their ass off. I just always tried to make sure my nieces had a tremendous amount of self-love and didn’t fall into any dark places that young girls do.”

Paula says it will be half memoir, half advicey little weird book.” I’m going to illustrate it because I do artwork so I’m excited about that,” Paula said. (Of course she does!)

Paula said that that having written The Nest and now working on another film with a musical element, she’s been inspired to work on some lesbian stories for the big screen as well.

“Since I’ve  learned how to write a movie, I have a number of ideas that have lesbians in them that I’m super excited about writing now,” she said. “There are definitely a number of good juicy funny lesbian stories and even some drama stories that I can flesh out. So I kind of can’t wait to write my first gay story.”

Paula is also working on a Dreamworks animated film with Melissa McCarthy and Seth Rogen and keeping her two new dogs, a pitbull and basset hound/beagle mix named  William and Lucy, respectively, happy.

“I’m trying to be diverse about all the different things that I’m trying to do since I left SNL,” Paula said. “And I go back to SNL when I want to do a show, I kind of drop in and do a show which is the best case scenario for me to have that freedom now. It’s been pretty fantastic and I’m grateful for all of it.”

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