“Painkiller Jane” Recaps: Episode 1.4 “Catch Me if You Can”


Abandon all hope, ye who enter here — Jane is still cooling it in her broken-down car at a few minutes before midnight when she sees someone scurry across the road in front of her. She follows the person to the entrance of a large complex. It's a police training facility, and it looks way too much like the Tosrano warehouse. Complete with orange door.

Jane, this is part where you get back in your car and listen to late-night dedications with Sean Andre on The Quiet Storm. Old-school R & B can save you from your destiny!

But she doesn't run back to the comfort of her car and some old-school jams. No, she stands outside the dreaded orange door and ruminates via voice-over. Again.

Vasco V.O.: Now here's the question of the century: What's a police training facility that looks exactly the Tosrano shoe factory doing way out here at the exact spot where my car broke down? And why is Andre's SUV parked outside? OK, that's two questions. But who's counting when you're about to come face to face with fate?

Everything old is new again — Inside the facility, we're seeing a repeat of the events from the opening sequence of the episode. Andre, Heartbreaker Maureen and The Ugly One are scurrying about with weapons, and Ethan is taking aim at them with his sniper rifle. Yes, all is wrong with the world.

Outside, Jane has gone back to her car. But only momentarily, to fetch a little earpiece that will allow her to listen in on her team's maneuvers. And while she's at it, she grabs her night-vision goggles too.

I would die 4 U — Back inside the facility, Geek Squad members are dropping like flies. Ethan caps The Ugly One, then Andre. Heartbreaker Maureen runs to Andre's side and begins to tend to his wounds. That's when she discovers that it's Jane, not Andre, filling out those fatigues. Jane tells her that she tranquilized both Andre and The Ugly One, hoping to “die” in their places and thus fake out Fate. Jane tells Maureen that Ethan only thought he saw three people die — but this was merely his interpretation. Then she tranquilizes Heartbreaker Maureen and heads off to find the bullet that was meant for her (lady) friend.

It doesn't take long. She charges Ethan and shoots until she runs out of bullets, then he fires off a round that takes her down. Satisfied that he has finished the job, he exits the facility through the dreaded orange door — where Jane is waiting for him.

Ethan: Well, here we are.
Jane: Yeah, here we are.


Jane draws her gun, but it is, naturally, her chipping gun. She chips him and says: “The chip will suppress your abilities. No more premonitions.” When Ethan protests that he saw his own death, Jane tells him, “You shouldn’t believe everything you see.”

The three undead squad members limp out to the front of the building, still wobbly from their tranquilizers. Ethan looks almost relieved to see them alive. “So it's true, the things I see can be changed.” Jane lovingly puts her arm around him and leads him away from the building.

Then she steps on one of his trip wires and sets off an explosion that sends them both flying through the air. Unfortunately, only one of them has that whole unkillable thing working in their favor. And it ain't Ethan.

Jane screams a loud, slow-motion “Nooooooooooooo.” But yes, it's true. Ethan is dead, and she kinda killed him. Damn the Fates!

What lies beneath — Jane pulls herself together over the commercial break, and when we come back, she joins the rest of her crew as they explore the facility.

Down in the bowels of the building, they discover the secret room where Ethan lived. It has the standard creepy-guy décor — grisly newspaper clippings taped to the walls, dingy cot with ratty linens, survival supplies. Heartbreaker Maureen finds a nifty drawing Ethan did of Jane, with “Jane 113” written on it, but none of them know what to make of it. The Ugly One finds a treasure trove of meds and assumes that Ethan was a hypochondriac. But Andre knows better. He tells them that Ethan was preparing, and then he gestures to drawings on the wall of terrible things that haven't even happened yet.

Vasco V.O.: Most of us would give anything for a peek into the future. Ethan had no choice but to see his own, and it tortured him till the very end. It's second nature to curse our flaws, and we sure do convince ourselves that life would be easier without them. Ethan's ability to see the future was his flaw, a vision he was compelled to share with me. Maybe it's because I have my own issues with confiding, but I can't help wondering: What didn't he share?

Next time on Painkiller Jane: Jane and company investigate a former FBI safe house where visitors have terrible visions and nightmares about each other's worst fears.

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