“Painkiller Jane” Recaps: Episode 1.4 “Catch Me if You Can”


No mules for Sister Sarah — Andre and Jane show up at the home of Ethan's sister. It's his last known address, but he's not there. She tells them that he was only visiting when he made the warning call from her house. After getting arrested there, she doubts he'll return. I detect a tad bit of bitterness in her tone. She tries to blow off Andre and Jane, but when Jane tells her that they know Ethan was trying to help by warning people of the plane crash, she stops in her tracks, telling them: “They wouldn't believe him. They never do.”

An International Coffee moment — Cut to Sarah's house. Now that she sees that they're on her side, Sarah has invited Andre and Jane in for coffee and cookies. She tells them that Ethan's whole psychic thing started a year ago, and before that he was “fairly normal.” (Ever wonder what your family would tell the police about you if questioned? “Fairly normal” wouldn't exactly throw ‘em off your trail, now would it?)

He worked as a graphic designer until “something changed.” He would get a feeling that something bad was going to happen, and “within a couple of days, something always did.”

Oh. My. God. I'm psychic too!

Ethan's “feelings” got more specific, and he started to know more details about what would happen. He used the information to try to warn people, but was always told that “someone would look into it.” But they never did. (Cause of death? Bureaucracy!)

Andre again demands to know Ethan's whereabouts (maybe she should have served him decaf) but Sarah tells him she really doesn't know. Ever since he started having the premonitions, Ethan began to retreat from the world. Sarah says that Ethan thought the premonitions were the result of some secret government experiment and was afraid the Feds wanted to “dissect” him.

Jane tells Sarah about the warning she received from Ethan, and Sarah has an inkling that the body count this time would include Ethan. When he came to visit her earlier in the week, she got the feeling he was there to say goodbye. Just then, the phone rings and it's Ethan saying “hello.” “Hello” and “something terrible is about to happen!”

Andre orders Riley back at headquarters to trace the call, and Sarah has a message for them. Ethan has told her to “tell the two agents that there's going to be a terrible accident. A transformer at the Westdale power station is going to explode within the hour. Five city blocks will be affected, including the intersection of 4th and Delancey. A traffic signal will lose power, and when it does it will cause a major accident involving half a dozen cars. Eleven people will die.”

Jane wants to call the power station, but Ethan says that they won't listen — Jane and Andre need to handle it. When Jane takes the phone to talk to Ethan herself, he says only, “Go!” and hangs up. Despite Andre's warnings that maybe the warning is just a ploy to throw them off Ethan's trail, Jane is out the door and headed for the electric company.

Gridlock'd — I don't envy Jane. She's sitting in rush-hour traffic with Andre while getting the runaround on the phone from the power station. If she were to simultaneously get her eyebrows waxed, I think we'd be looking at the grand slam of all irritations. Fortunately, her eyebrows are already perfectly coiffed. But her shapely brows aren't working any magic on the drones running the power plant switchboard. Jane finally gets someone on the horn and tells them what's going to happen, but mid-conversation, alarms across the city begin to sound. It's too late. The transformer has already blown.

Pileup — Cut to the carnage of the major accident predicted by Ethan. Jane and Andre arrive on the scene, but they can only watch as the dead and injured are hauled away by paramedics. Somewhere out there, Ethan is saying, “I told you so.”

Here comes the rain again — Andre and Jane are walking in the rain and arguing about Ethan. Andre still wants to find him and even has his location, thanks to Riley's trace on Ethan's call to his sister. Jane is exasperated. Helloooo. The guy is obviously for real. She wants to know what part of “three members of your team will die” Andre doesn't understand. Jane doesn't want them to “hunt him down” like the “government thugs” that Ethan is already afraid of.

But Andre is full of surprises. He wants to help him. Andre figures that if Ethan is a neuro, they can chip him and relieve him of the torment of his horrifying premonitions.

Jane: No! You think Ethan's a ticking time bomb that needs to be defused. You don't care about helping him.
Andre: You do.

Jane: You're a manipulative son of a bitch, you know that?

Andre says that Ethan called from a military surplus store near his sister's house. As they get in the car to find him, Jane asks, “Are Connor and Maureen going to meet us? Are you sure this place doesn't have an orange door?”

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