“Painkiller Jane” Recaps: Episode 1.4 “Catch Me if You Can”

Geek Squad Headquarters — Jane beats it back to the office and slips the disk into a computer. She's summoned Heartbreaker Maureen to help investigate the new mystery.

Discount Depp: Agent Vasco, I'm not even sure who you're an agent with. But I know that in three days, you and your team will try to arrest me and things won't go well. Three of your teammates will be killed. Then you will shoot me. I'll die in front of the orange door. I know how this sounds, but you have to believe me. These things that I see all happen. I can't stop them. Maybe you can. Please don't come after me. Keep your team away. It's the only way to save their lives and mine.

Jane and Heartbreaker Maureen squabble over the situation’s hoax factor. Jane's taking it seriously, but Heartbreaker Maureen wants to figure out how discount Depp might have set it all up to make it look like a premonition. Maureen tells Jane to chill, that it might just be a practical joke, but as she says this we see the frozen image of discount Depp on the computer screen behind her. In extreme close-up and with the red lighting, he now looks more like a designer impostor Charles Manson.

A new dawn, a new day — The sun is rising, but inside Geek Squad Headquarters, it's always dark and gloomy. Andre has his monochromatic team gathered around the array of computers and is bringing them up to speed on their new case. IT dork Riley has been tracking a series of “unusual phone calls” — four so far, gasp! — and Andre thinks it might be the work of a neuro. Unusual phone calls? Forget the DEA, this group is more like a secret offshoot of your high school drama club. Four weird phone calls warrant this kind of attention? At moments like this, Andre and company need a big string of pearls to collectively clutch.

OK, OK, maybe these calls do require a bit of follow-up. One of them was to an airport in North Carolina, urging them to ground a flight that would later crash. This call and the three others like it were made by the same guy. Riley rolls tape of the man being taken in for police questioning. Yep, it's discount Depp/designer impostor Manson.

Jane and Maureen exchange glances, then tell the rest of the team about the note and video left for Jane at the senior center. Riley determines that discount Depp is really Ethan Grant, a man without a criminal record. He told police that he saw the plane crash before it happened, and no evidence has connected him to the accident. The tape of Grant's voice matched that of three other warnings about “bad things that were gonna happen” — a gas main explosion, a fire at a nursery school, and a tornado in Amarillo, Texas.

Jane points out that Grant's track record doesn't bode well for three members of the Geek Squad. Andre scoffs at the idea that anyone could see the future, but Jane takes a more sensible approach. Why risk it? And, she points out, Grant hasn’t committed any crimes (unless you count that terrible facial hair), he's just been trying to help people by warning them in advance of these “bad things that were gonna happen.”

Andre is skeptical because, well, it's his job to be skeptical. He wonders: If Grant is a neuro with precognitive abilities, what else might he predict? The Ugly One rattles off a few different sporting events on which Grant could bet big, and Andre sternly reminds him that there are bigger fish to fry, such as “future presidential security, transport protocol for nuclear weapons …” Ya know, the usual.

Jane still thinks they should leave Grant alone, but the more she advocates for it, the more gung ho Andre gets for finding the guy and bringing him in. And he's willing to do it himself. Jane runs after him, demanding to go with him not because she's so damn brave, but because she's “the only one guaranteed to survive.”

Chez Torment — Ethan is sitting at his house having disturbing flashbacks of the tragedies he tried in vain to prevent from happening. He’s holding a hammer, but I don't think he's planning to hammer all over this land. I think it's more like he wants to bash his own brains in.

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