“Painkiller Jane” Recaps: Episode 1.3 “Piece of Mind”


Touched by a neuro — On her way home from work, a man asks Heartbreaker Maureen for some change. She gives it to him, and in the brief moment when their hands touch, we hear the zapping sound that tells us the man is the naughty neuro and that he may have just stolen some of Heartbreaker Maureen’s memory.

Cut to Joe at Headquarters, who’s fast asleep. Someone enters the room, wearing the telltale magical bracelet — and lightly touches his arm, eliciting the zap of memory theft. Joe’s eyes flutter open, but no one is there. Joe gets up to check on Riley, but finds nothing amiss.

The morning after — The next morning, the Geek Squad is gathering for breakfast. Riley is playing a computer golf game (and sucking at it) when Maureen notices that someone has breached their security. The Squad draw their guns and watch in stunned silence as an older man hobbles into their complex like he owns the place.

He tells them, “Your security system isn’t working because I shut it down,” and lets loose with a smug, evil villain laugh. While he does have a mustache, he mercifully resists the urge to twirl it. Now I’m watching in stunned silence.

Mr. Mustache: Well I suppose I should be flattered. An entire team devoted to finding people like me. [to Andre] Your friend Riley, his mind’s a vault of information. Neuros, that’s what you call us. At least I’m glad to know that I’m not alone in my uniqueness.
The Ugly One: That’s OK pal, ’cause I’m about to arrange for you to meet the rest of the freaks so that you don’t feel so lonely.

He draws his special neuro gun on Mr. Mustache, who tells him, “If you ever want to see your friend again — intact — that might not be the wise thing to do.”

Andre doubts that Mr. M can do anything to help Riley, but Mr. M tells him, “Oh, I can. I can steal knowledge, I can transfer knowledge, and I can restore knowledge.”

McDorky magically appears and tells them:“He can. I just got a call from Paula Rafferty. It seems that Dr. Rafferty has made a full recovery.”

Mr. M says they should consider it an act of good faith — and proof of his abilities. But wait, there’s more. In exchange for the return of all of Riley’s marbles, Mr. M wants the help of the Geek Squad. He wants them to help him rob a train!

Driving that train — The man’s name is Simon Connolly, and there’s something that he wants. And, oh yeah, it’s “important.” “It” is being shipped in a high-security container by rail the next day.

Simon: If the robbery is successful and I get to do what I want, I’ll restore Riley’s mind. I’m also prepared, when all this is over, for you to chip me.
Jane: Andre, this may be our only chance to save Riley!
Andre: Even if we agreed to do this, what makes you think we have the expertise to rob a train?

Simon executes some stupid human tricks, asking each of the Squad members random train technology questions, and they surprise even themselves by knowing the answers.

Hmm. It seems that with all that inappropriate touching he was imparting knowledge, not stealing it. But he never laid a hand on Jane. Why is that? He tells her, “You won’t be needing any additional knowledge, Agent Vasco. You’ll be handling the most physically challenging part of the operation.”

Simon helps himself to the Squad’s computer system, rapidly typing in information and doing “what Riley would have done: manipulating the system to the team’s advantage.” Simon tells Jane that she has “an amazing gift” and that he just didn’t feel right zapping her like the others. He tells her: “I’m on your side. And to be honest, I’m a bit saddened that you’re not on mine. Did you ever wonder which side might be the right side? Is being different such a crime?’

Jane reminds him that his “uniqueness” has a body count. Simon says (heh) that he regrets the loss of life, and it was never his intention. Jane tells him that this merely puts him “on the road to hell with a lot of other people.”

He asks her, “Where does your being different put you?”

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