“Painkiller Jane” Recaps: Episode 1.3 “Piece of Mind”

Down and out — Even without his ass-whipping, Amazonian bodyguard, Riley decides to do a little fieldwork of his own. He walks through Skid Row using his handheld GPS system to find the pharmacy. It’s only a matter of minutes before three guys jump him, beat the crap out of him, and take his Game Boy away from him.

Later, when Riley comes to, Trapper John Doe is hovering over him and diagnosing his injuries.

Riley: You’re the one with Dr. Rafferty’s medical knowledge. Seth was looking for you. The homeless guy, the one who you were telling the paramedics how to treat — can you tell me where to find him?

Riley calls Andre to tell him that he found the neuro. Andre tells him to stay put until they can get to him. But as soon as he hangs up, the neuro latches onto him, and we all know that this can’t be good.

A day late and a neuro short — The Geek Squad shows up at the designated alley, but there’s no sign of Riley or the neuro in question. Jane finally spots him, and when she calls out to him he runs away. The group finally corners him and asks him what happened to the neuro. Riley pitifully replies, “What’s a neuro?”

Bad things always happen on the IT guy’s day off — Andre and staff are struggling to take charge of their computer systems in the absence of Riley. Or, rather, the absence of Riley’s mind. McDorky joins them to deliver some bad news: “It’s not partial like the other ones. Riley’s got full-on amnesia.”

Jane brings them up to date with Riley’s information about hemoglobin accelerators, and McDorky tells them the accelerators are used to treat a fatal disease from which the seizure-victim probably suffers.

Heartbreaker Maureen asks the obvious question: Stealing the knowledge of the doctor makes sense, but what does that have to do with the train engineer or Dawson’s railway switches?

Andre doesn’t have the answer, but he barks a series of orders at everyone and sends them off to gather more information. He tells Jane to stay on-site and mind the computers, but she tries to convince him to let her accompany him. “Why?” he asks, “because you didn’t go out with Riley last night?” Um, yeah, I’d say that’s a safe bet. She tells Andre that she’s afraid that they’ve lost Riley, but Andre ain’t hearing it.

Among the hoary masses — Andre and The Ugly One go back to Skid Row and try to find the neuro. They have a basic physical description to rely on, but not much else. And unfortunately for them, pretty much every homeless guy milling about with them fits it — including the guy who brushes against them and gets a little “charge.” Uh oh.

Computer blue — Back at headquarters, Jane and Heartbreaker Maureen are sniping at each other because they don’t know how to run the computer system. They’re kinda cute when they bicker. Are these two ever gonna get it on or what? Jane admits that she feels guilty for not being there to protect Riley.

Riley: I’m Riley, aren’t I?

Still slipping around and sneaking up on people — so I guess he didn’t forget everything.

Jane is visibly relieved to see him up and about, but Riley doesn’t share her enthusiasm.

Riley: So what, I’m some sort of computer geek?
Heartbreaker Maureen: In the best possible sense, yes. Do you want to try?

Riley sits down at the control deck next to Jane and instinctively pushes some buttons and types some commands. His typing gets faster as the “Eye of the Tiger-esque” music swells in the background. Hey, I think it’s all gonna be OK!

Or maybe not.

An ominous female voice intones: “Warning: System Failure. Warning: System Failure.”

Riley, Jane and Heartbreaker Maureen look incredibly bummed out.

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