“Painkiller Jane” Recaps: Episode 1.2 “Toy Soldiers”


Decompose this — Back in the lab, Andre is hovering over the rapidly rotting corpse of Mr. Hawkings. He’s also bellyaching about the good ol’ days when he’d never heard of neuros, genetic aberrations, or any of that other freaky scientific crap. Jane ignores his complaints and cuts to the chase. Why didn’t this corpse reanimate and run? Andre figures it had to do with “proximity”— the controlling neuro probably has to be close by in order to get that particular party started.

I don’t like you like that; I like you like a friend — Back at Jane’s apartment, street urchin Amanda is sucking down a glass of what appears to be standard-issue red wine while Jane cooks them dinner.

Amanda: This is great. Where’d you get this stuff?
Jane: You’re not the only one with friends.

Yeah, or a nearby grocery store.

Jane: You’re supposed to sip it.
Amanda: Hey, you sip, I’ll slurp.

Um, where exactly is this going?

Jane sits down across from her, prompting Amanda to get up and look around Jane’s house.

Amanda: You have books.
Jane: Shocking, isn’t it?
Amanda: I mean, who has books? Why not just read online?
Jane: Connects you to the past, something you can touch, hold, feel.

Amanda swings around and shoots Jane a look.

Jane: Makes me feel safe.

She stares seductively at Amanda and takes a swig of wine.

Jane: And grounded.
Amanda: What’s your deal?

Yeah, I was just wondering the same thing. Is Loken foregrounding a lesbian subtext here, or simply doing some method acting?

Jane: What do you mean?
Amanda: I mean, what’s your deal? I know I said I you seem a lot like other people, but now I’m not so sure about that.
Jane: Is that why you invited yourself over tonight? So you could try to figure me out?

Is “figure me out” a new euphemism for “seduce me with your nubile young body”?

Amanda: There’s something about you that’s just … a little off to the side.
Jane: I’ve heard “different”; most recently “weird.” But “off to the side”? That’s a new one.
Amanda: Hey, look at me.
Jane: Why? You think we’re alike?
Amanda: Maybe. But the difference is that I’m cool with being what I am. But you … I don’t know. There’s something about you, like you’re trying to hide it from everyone.

Oh just go ahead and kiss already for crying out loud!

Alas, Jane just flashes back to getting gunned down in the police department (in Episode 1), then tells Amanda that she thinks they should call it a night. Bor-ing.

Amanda leaves in a bit of a huff, and Jane compulsively slugs back some wine. Then she sits down at the bar and jams the corkscrew into her arm. It hurts, but it heals nicely. And instantaneously. She drinks more wine.

Vasco V.O.: Like Amanda said: off to the side.

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