Paige McCullers’ 20 most McCullers moments on “Pretty Little Liars”


5. That belt buckle


Oh, Emily’s going to pretend to be asleep when they have a night to themselves? That’s how it’s going to be? OK, well here you go, Fields, have a cowgirl costume.

4. Murdering Samara


NO ONE TOUCHES EMILY’S EARS. (Just kidding; there’s only an 85 percent chance Paige murdered Samara.)

3. Coconut cupcake treasure hunts


Not just any kind of red velvet cupcake with old-penny icing will do when you’re Paige McCullers!

2. Punishing trash cans


And imagining they’re the face of your girlfriend’s dead girlfriend’s fake cousin.

1. Saying out loud, “I’m gay.”


And changing the whole world.

What’s your favorite McCullers moment on Pretty Little Liars?

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