Outside the Lines: Queen of “College Hill”

Sexual Technique (with men): D

To prove her prowess, Kathy climbed on top of Kasheef and, starting at his belly, licked, kissed and sucked from south to north. She didn’t rock his world.

"Kathy did a thing on top of me," he said later. "It was cute, but it was nothing I was shocked and amazed about."

Afterward, he flipped the switch and put the moves on her. Though she claimed that she wasn’t "even close to horny," the consensus both in the house and on the BET message boards was, "She’s bi."

Sexual Technique (with women): B

Later the same night at a local nightclub, Kathy proved she could mack. She picked up a honey, and the two women engaged in a grindy, against the wall rub-a-dub. It was steamy, but points have been deducted because the hottie multitasked by talking on her cell.

Audience Response: A

Post-coming out (and rub-a-dub), fans have shown Kathy lots of love on the message boards. Here’s an (unedited) sample:

•  I a lesbian 2 so wassup lets hook up
•  O my god Kathy is beautiful I love her 2 death
•  Like your other fans i love you to and think that you are so beatiful. i hope you make it to the top your the only reason why i watch it! i wish that i could find a girl like you!
•  Wow…I think Kathy is gorgeous, unique, confident, smart, everything a black woman should be. I find that incredibly sexy and I love watching you on the show girl.

Will she win? Probably not. Jenna, the honor student from St. Louis, has my vote. Brash, buff, brainy and beautiful — and even a morning person! — she’s the alpha girl to watch.

However, Kathy should edge out Lonnie, who got drunk, threw up on-camera and then was too hung over to participate in the Episode 6 challenge, building a house for Habitat for Humanity. Or Tationna, who first whined and then wept through the crew’s landscaping challenge.

Should you watch? Why not! As the writers’ strike drags on, you better learn to love reality shows. As the black ones go, College Hill: Interns is a lot more wholesome and inclusive and much less ghetto than, say, Flavor of Love or I Love New York. And until The L Word and The Wire return in January, this is it for African-American lesbians. So tune in, and cast your vote for Kathy.

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