“Orphan Black” recap: Sister, Sister (1.09)


Later, when Delphine arrives at Cosima’s, the stunning scientist is sulking at her desk. She lets Delphine kiss her, almost resigns herself to it, part of her knowing it would most likely be their last.

Delphine can tell something is off, and Cosima shows her that she found a picture online of her and Leekie from when they had worked together before. She knew from the planted transcript that the French beauty was full of it, and she knew Delphine had known Leekie all along, but she didn’t think she’d snoop around her apartment and give up the names of her fellow clones. Broken and angry, Cosima starts packing her things, but won’t tell Delphine where because she would just tell Leekie. Delphine swears all she told him was the names of the girls – not Kira – and that it was to protect her.

Delphine apologizes and begs Cosima to understand that she knows she lied about…well, everything, but that she really did fall for her. Cosima is like, “You weren’t even very good at crazy science anyway.” And Delphine finally admits defeat and leaves.

While Helena is still locked in a cage and trying her darndest to escape, Mrs. S and Sarah are talking about whether or not they should off her. Sarah thinks it might be too hard – Siobhan doesn’t understand what it’s like to have a clone, to look someone in the face and feel like it’s a part of you looking back. Mrs. S adds to the complication by saying that she got in touch with her contacts back in London and it sounds like shady things are happening there, too.

Detective Art, who is seriously getting on my nerves, decides to review the security tapes of the train jumper, and notices for the first time that the person who jumped and the person who witnessed the jump looked exactly the same. Art officially knows Beth is dead, and Sarah is officially in hotter water than ever.

Kira finally wakes up and tries to tell Sarah that Helena isn’t evil, that she just needs Sarah’s help. Which is confusing for Sarah, because Helena creatively managed to get her phone off a chair across the room and into her cage to call Sarah for help. (Helena, I’ve done the same thing to get my phone from across the room, except mine was just a cage of laziness.)

Flash to suburbia, where Alison and Felix are hiding out in the bathroom, sharing a few pills while Felix gives Alison the best pep talk ever. Ready for anything, Alison returns to the intervention and takes a few more minutes of abuse before she freaks the freak out. Everyone leaves, Aynesley throwing some nasty words her way first, and Alison and Felix are relieved the whole thing seems to be over.

Sarah arms herself and heads to get Helena, though she hasn’t quite decided if she’s going to off her or turn her over to Leekie. She finds Helena in her cage and points the gun at Helena’s head, but she can’t do it.

She’s pretty pissed at herself about it, but she can’t, so she gets the psycho-clone out of the cage and even lets Helena hug her. Since nothing is ever easy for poor Sarah Manning, Tomas comes bursting in and it suddenly becomes Helena with a gun, standing between Sarah and Tomas, waving it around all willy nilly. Sarah eventually talks her down, using the connection Helena is always ranting about, and her love for Kira, as leverage. Helena ends up with Tomas on the ground and tries to poke his eyeballs out with her thumbs. Because of course she does.

Sarah zipties Helena’s hands behind her back, and then hilariously puts her in the trunk of her car, but before she can deliver the crazy Ukrainian to Leekie, Mrs. S calls and says they better go back to her house first.

Back at the precinct, Lady Cop (who I never trusted) is bound and determined to sink Beth. She tattled on Art to the chief, and now there’s a warrant out for the arrest of Sarah Manning. Son of a bitch.

Paul apologizes to Leekie because Sarah didn’t show up with Helena as promised, but Leekie ignores him and calls a mysterious boss-lady. In a voice that sounded like she could be yet another clone, the mystery woman tells him not to underestimate the thickness of blood.

Mrs. S is waiting for Sarah when she comes in and introduces her to a woman named Amelia. A beautiful African woman looks at the lovely, fair-skinned Miss Manning and says she’s Sarah’s birth mother. Sarah and I raise an eyebrow, so she explains that she was a surrogate for a couple who hooked her up real nice during pregnancy – though she did get suspicious with how many medical tests they were making her get. Eventually she learned that they weren’t expecting parents at all, but Neolutionists, and that she had to GTFO. She ran away and had her babies in secret, giving them up for adoption. Yes, I said babies. She had twins, and gave one to the state and one to the church.

Sarah finally understands what the connection her and the fallen angel seem to have is…she might share DNA with Cosima, Alison, and the others – but her and Helena are biological twins. So she should probably let her sister out of the trunk, eh?

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