“Orphan Black” recap: In The Name of Science (1.08)

In the hospital, Olivier is looking as well as one could after a crazy clone cuts off your tail. When he wakes up, Paul is right there waiting for him. He found out that Olivier’s real name is Kevin and he’s got a record that he would definitely not want to be made public knowledge. Paul transitions beautifully from his blackmail speech to non-suspicious behavior as Dr. Leekie strolls in. In a carefully constructed lie based on Paul’s instructions, surely, Olivier tells Leekie that the clone dropped the Beth act and had a Ukrainian accent, that it was only Helena that was there in the club that night, as supported by the tampered-with security footage. Remember when I said Paul couldn’t science his way out of a paper bag? I think this proves it. If Leekie knew that Beth wasn’t Beth, don’t you think he would have known that Beth wasn’t Helena also?

After a…science session, Delphine is crying while lying next to Cosima in bed.

She claims she always cries after sex, but I have a feeling it’s a little something more than that. She tells Cosima she’s starving and Cosima offers to go get them eskimo pies because she is the cutest.

Cosima is barely out the door before Delphine starts snooping. She finds information on some of the clones, on the DYAD institute, on all nine clones, on Kira. Cosima is thorough in her research and has detailed notes on everything she has learned so far. Delphine calls up Leekie to report her findings, but before she says a word, she makes him promise that Cosima will be safe. He assures her that he’s doing all this for her protection, so she tells him that Cosima has biology information on herself and 8 other clones, some of which are dead. Cosima had written that Sarah Manning had a daughter named Kira, age seven, but Delphine gracefully leaves her out of this conversation.

Sarah and Alison have decided it was time to stop lying to the people closest to them in their lives, and head to Mrs. S’s house. Sarah introduces Alison and explains the whole clone situation to the best of her ability. Alison is trying to keep her good manners in tact, but she is now drunk as a skunk and is falling apart. She tells Sarah that she’s the best clone because she can say “eff it.” She says she tried to say “eff it” too but messed everything up. Alison is a hot damn mess and Sarah is trying really hard not to laugh.

The detectives visit Felix, who plays the part of grieving foster brother. Unable to find anything suspicious, the detectives thank him for his time , but before they turn the corner, Art calls the number that rang him to talk about Beth Child a few nights before, and sure enough, they hear Felix answer through the door.

At the hospital, Olivier is now alone and resting, and a doctor comes in, jabs a needle in his heel, and cheerfully tells Olivier that Dr. Leekie sends his regards. Olivier begins to foam at the mouth, dying a very uncomfortable-looking death.

Mrs. S takes all this clone business rather well for someone just entering the fray. She says that the undocumented children she had told Sarah about before – the children in the black – had been rumored to be subjects of medical experiments, but they never knew what kind.

While the grown-ups are talking, Kira sneaks down the stairs to the door and sees Helena creeping around outside in the darkness. Without so much as mouthing any words, Helena convinces Kira to grab the jacket Sarah had used to escape the club and come outside with her.

Sarah hears the door open and immediately notices the jacket is missing and starts chasing the evil clone and her kidnapped daughter.

Helena stops in an alleyway with Kira and tells her that her mum isn’t real. Their whole conversation is eerie and makes me wonder if they’ve met before, or if Helena just has some sort of connection to children. Kira asks Helena what happened to her and hugs her, while Helena cries.

In a creepy moment of potential foreshadowing, Helena calls Kira “Angel” and asks Kira if she knows the way home. Kira says, “Of course” before walking towards the sound of her mother’s voice. She says, “Mommy!” and I say “KIRA NO” and she steps off the curb AND GETS HIT BY A CAR. Ahh!

Besides the obvious emotional trauma we all faced from that last scene, what did you think of Entangled Bank? Have any new theories?

Here are some of our favorite #clonesbians tweets from this week:

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