“Orphan Black” recap: In The Name of Science (1.08)

At Felix’s loft, Sarah is poking Felix with her feet and annoying the living hell out of him, as a good sister should, when Mrs. S storms in and demands answers, because the po-po had just stopped by her flat to tell her that Sarah had died two weeks ago. She says she almost dug up the remains of the Jane Doe and fed it to them both on toast. Which is yet another reason I love Mrs. S.

Sarah puts on Beth’s personality again and heads to the precinct, where they ask her if she knows a Sarah Manning and show her the pictures of Beth’s post-trained body. She plays dumb quite convincingly and accuses them of messing with her. When she leaves, the two detectives theorize over whether it was triplets, two of whom got themselves good and dead, and they take the picture they had handed to Sarah-as-Beth to run her prints.

Alison, trying to keep some normalcy in her life, heads to her daughter’s figure skating rehearsal, which she usually heads. She wades through annoying questions about her divorce to find Aynesley trying to take over the rehearsal. Furious, she storms out to her van, and finds Aynesley’s husband Chad smoking up in his car. He starts to get defensive but before he can ask her not to narc on her, she joins right in.

Then, after the dorkiest, most awkward seduction I’ve ever witnessed, Alison and Chad get it on in the backseat like a couple of teenagers. Unfortunately, they were still in the parking lot of figure skating practice, so one of the Nosy Neighbors that populate suburbia caught a peek as she scurried her children to safety.

Delphine goes to visit Cosima and her still fabulous apartment, and Cosima starts to apologize for the kiss. She says, “I want to make crazy science with you.” Delphine then science-flirts with Cosima, saying that even though she never really thought about it as applied to herself, she knows that sexuality it a spectrum — Cosima finds this attitude encouraging and says so, right before Delphine kisses her. And immediately begins disrobing her.

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I love science.

In suburbia, Alison drives home, jammin’ out to Bitch by Meredith Brooks, when Aynesley walks out in front of her car, standing in the pouring rain, screaming that she knows what Alison did. Aynesley screams that she has no idea who she’s messing with, and Alison accuses her of being a sneaky spy freak. Aynsley then drags Alison out of the car and they catfight like there’s no tomorrow.

Since Art and LadyCop figured out that the train girl looks the same as Sarah and Beth, they go to the morgue to find out who identified the body. Unfortunately, the morgue attendant couldn’t hide that information, but since he had a certain connection to Felix, he calls Fe up and warns him that the cops are on their way.

In an excellent display of bad timing, Alison arrives at Felix’s just as Sarah was about to scoot. She’s a mess — disheveled, distraught, possibly still high. Sarah takes her away and tells Alison that she hopes she kicked her ass, and in her adorably sad voice, Alison squeaks, “I did.”

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