“Orphan Black” recap: A Fool’s Tail (1.07)

Back at Felix’s loft, winding down from the insanity they just somehow survived, Sarah kisses Paul and I think this time it’s real. I think it was sort of a “thank you for risking your life to save mine” kiss and I think, as long as Paul is really on our side, I kind of like it. 

Back at Cosima’s awesome crib, Cosima is looking at the business card for the DYAD Institute that Dr. Leekie gave her. Delphine comes out from behind a curtain and talks about what a great opportunity it would be. Cosima says they should come clean about what this is all really about. Just when I think she’s going to confront her about the whole cloning business, she steps right up to Delphine and kisses her.

Unfortunately, Delphine proves she’s not a real lesbian because she does the opposite of what most of us would do and, instead of kissing her back, steps back, looking almost startled. Cosima is confused and asks if she made a terrible mistake, and Delphine just says “It’s OK” and scurries out of the room.

While all this was going on, Detectives Art and Angela have been investigating the whole genetic identical situation. When Art suggests they go to the morgue, Lady Cop about as excited as a kid going to Disney World, and she breaks a creepy record when she practically giggles as the mortician uses a finger-straightener on the severed hand. They find a match to the fingerprints and the system pulls up a girl named Sarah Manning — who looks an awful lot like Art’s ex-partner Beth — DUN DUN DUN

What did you think of “Parts Developed in an Unusual Manner”?

Here are some of our favorite #clonesbians tweets from this week’s episode.

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