“Orphan Black” recap: A Fool’s Tail (1.07)


Over in the land of grad school, Cosima and Delphine are on a date, but in struts Dr. Leekie like the giant twat swat he is. Delphine asks if they should ask him to join them and Cosima does not look thrilled about this idea. She tries to provoke Delphine by reminding her that she’s single now, and Delphine insists he’s too old. Cosima says that his mind is sexy in the same tone I use when I say “I guess Paul is TECHNICALLY attractive.”

Leekie does join them and encourages them to apply to the DYAD institute. Cosima is pushing the professor, testing him, practically being rude, but he’s trying to be charming, despite her eye-rolls.

Still in the interrogation room with Olivier, Paul calls “Beth.” I’m not sure what he was supposed to ask her to do, but he instead yells for her to run because they know she’s not Beth. By the time he finishes his sentence, he’s being attacked by the guards.
Sarah and Felix head back to the club to save him, and Sarah calls Helena, who has been creepily sniffing around her apartment, asking a picture of Paul how his day was. Helena asks if Sarah is ready to give up the sheep, but Sarah says she can do her one better. 

The blonde Neolutionist spots Sarah wandering round the back hallways and drags her into a room with Paul and Olivier.

Olivier hadn’t actually seen one of the subjects in person before, and gawks at her while she sasses him about his rumored tail. He starts to unbutton his pants to show her is thankfully interrupted by Helena. The two clones are thrown in a room together and pretend to fight so they can escape. As Sarah slips out the door, Helena overpowers Olivier, pins him down, and demands to see his tail. He pulls it out and she asks him how he got it, asks if he laid with a beast. She doesn’t care much about his answer, however, because she goes right ahead and CUTS IT OFF.

Out in the alleyway, Felix is getting all kinds of terrified because Sarah has been gone quite a while. He calls up Art and says they need to talk about Beth Child, but luckily before he lets anything spill, Sarah bangs on the car window and they get the hell out of dodge.

Inside the club, Crazy Helena is in the middle of the crowded dance floor, dancing to the music, WITH THE SEVERED TAIL. IN HER HAND. AND NO ONE NOTICES.

Helena is up on the list pretty high of things that will forever give me nightmares.

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