“Orphan Black” recap: A Fool’s Tail (1.07)


At a diner, Sarah looks wildly uncomfortable, but Helena is scarfing down food, telling her about being raised by nuns in the Ukraine. She suddenly switches gears and shoves her combat boot right between Sarah’s legs to get the names of the other clones, but Sarah was quicker with a knife. Impressed, Helena scribbles a phone number on a napkin and says Sarah has until midnight to hand over the others, or she dies first.

Back at the club, in his evil lair, Olivier gets a call. From – wait for it – DR. LEEKIE. It is not surprising he is involved, but now we knows who calls the shots on Olivier’s end of things. He tells Olivier that Beth isn’t Beth, and that he doesn’t know which one it is, but that something needs to be done.

Olivier calls Paul back in and tells him that this Beth he has been sleeping with is not Beth at all. He says that the person who has been killing off their subjects looks exactly like Beth and Paul earns some of the points he lost with the poison booze by playing dumb and asking, “Like, a twin?” Though he does grow a little concerned when Olivier says this killer is from Europe.

Cosima is getting dressed on the phone a la Santana while Sarah gets her up to speed with their crazy Ukrainian friend. Cosima lets it slip that she’s been seeing Delphine and Sarah starts to scold her. They both end up frustrated and, in an adorable reminder that they do have some similarities, they both throw their phone down and yell “bitch” at it after hanging up.

Finally at Mrs. S’s, Sarah watches Kira play piano, but she’s a bit distracted, what with the crazy lunch she just had. Mrs. S can see that Sarah is preoccupied, so she gives her a scrapbook. Mrs. S tells her that she was no ordinary orphan, that she was brought to her ‘in the black’ because she needed special protection. A fellow orphanage worker, Carlton, who I’m sure will be important later, came to Mrs. S and said that Sarah needed to be hidden even deeper, so she up and left everything she knew to take Sarah and Felix away. She offers to protect Kira the same way.

Just before she leaves, Sarah gives Mrs. S a long overdue hug that says “Thank you for the years and years of protecting me in ways I didn’t even know.”

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