“Orphan Black” recap (2.09): Save Cosima


Back at the Prolethean compound, Helena is pouting at Gracie, second-guessing her choice to come back here. She starts to put her boots on; she doesn’t belong here, she belongs with her sestra. Grace starts to put her shoes on too, because she wants to come with. She’s done with this hellhole, and who better to protect her than the psycho Ukrainian chick. Gracie tries to lead them out, but Henrik stops them in their tracks, rifle in hand. He knocks Helena out with the butt of the gun and locks Gracie in a cage. Mark wants to let her out, but this disobedience has snapped something in Henrik and he tells him to leave her put. He tells Mark to come help move Helena, but Helena doesn’t stay down long enough for that to happen. She leaps on his back like a rabid koala and tells Gracie and Mark to run.

Henrik wakes up to find himself strapped to the very same stirrups he has had Helena in now twice, where he had his daughter strapped just that morning. He begs for mercy, but Helena never learned that word. She slathers the giant implanting tool with grossness and shoves it right up inside him, laughing all the while. Cut to Helena, a free angel flying in the wind, looking back on the plantation that is now burning to the ground.

In the Garage Graveyard, Alison and Donnie finish burying Leekie, complete with a little heart in the fresh cement. Alison is looking at Donnie in a way he doesn’t recognize and instinctively starts defending himself, but Alison interrupts and says she’s so turned on right now. So they do the nasty right there in the garage, on top of the freezer that, moments before, held an assassinated man.

At the pediatric clinic, Mrs. S comes into Kira’s room to tell Sarah that she doesn’t know why, but Delphine is outside waiting to talk to her, privately. Sarah slides into Delphine’s limo, meeting-with-a-mob-boss style, and Delphine tells her to be cool about it, but she thinks Benjamin is in Rachel’s perfectly pressed pocket. Before Delphine can explain how she came to that information, or even before she can tell her to be careful, Sarah is off like a rocket back into the hospital.

Sarah storms into the hospital and tells Mrs. S and Benjamin that Rachel is making a move and goes in to grab Kira. Felix asks her what’s going on and all she says is that they have to go. But then Felix’s clone phone rings and Sarah’s name flashes on the screen. Realization hits him like a syringe to the neck. Oh, wait, no, that was actually just Not!Sarah plunging an actual syringe into his neck.

OB 209-9

The real Sarah comes in, confusing the ever-living hell out of Mrs. S. She suddenly realizes what happened, too. It was a trick, and Rachel took Kira.

You guys. I don’t know if it’s because I was caught up in the moment or what, but I did not see that coming. When I rewatched the scene, it was obvious; the hair was too neat, the curls too perfect. The accent was a bit off (as in, it was definitely Canadian Tatiana as End-of-Story-Eliza-Doolittle Rachel as Beginning-of-Story-Eliza-Doolittle Sarah, because Tatiana is magic). The fact that she didn’t clock Benjamin straight away was strange. But when that clone phone rang and it was Sarah, I was also hit with the shock that Felix was hit with. Thankfully my understanding didn’t also come with a needle full of drugs.

At the DYAD, Delphine sits by Cosima’s bedside, crying. Cosima asks what’s wrong and Delphine admits that she has made a terrible mistake.

OB 209-10“I may or may not have fallen for that trick where someone pretends to throw a ball and I chase after it anyway…”

When Kira wakes up, she finds herself in a room decked out in pink and frills galore. Rachel is sitting at a little vanity waiting. Kira asks where her mother is, where Mrs. S is, but Rachel just tells her to get comfortable. She’s a child of the DYAD now. And hey, Rachel turned out okay, right?

What did you think of “Things Which Have Not Yet Been Done”? What are you hoping will happen in the finale?

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