“Orphan Black” recap (2.09): Save Cosima


Alison is still digging the grave-shaped hole in her garage, but this time Vic is bouncing around outside like Tigger the Tiger, trying to see what she’s up to. Donnie surprises him by showing up and pressing a gun to his head, asking him what the hell he thinks he’s doing. He drags him inside to face The Boss and he finally admits that there’s a cop outside. Alison asks if it’s Bitchface Ladycop and Vic says it is, but that she’s confused because she thinks there are five Alisons. Donnie corrects him that there are eleven, his stress level hitting “manic”. He drags Vic out to the shady van out front and Donnie lets her have it. He reminds her that Art got dismissed already, and that worse would happen to her if she didn’t back the eff off. He snaps their picture for evidence and leaves the van. He pauses for a moment on the sidewalk, chest heaving, exhausted and exhilarated from the experience of not being useless for the first time in his turnip of a life.

Gracie is strapped to the same chair Helena was in earlier, and Henrik seems to be doing the same procedure to her. With a clinical coldness, he leaves her there in the stirrups. When Gracie finds her way back to the room she’s to share with Helena, Helena asks her why she looks so sad. I mean, they get to eat as much as they want! They’re going to get fat anyway! Plus there will be babies at the other end of this adventure! Helena can’t think of a more exciting thing. But Gracie is less excited; the baby she’s being forced to carry is the product of Helena and HER FATHER. In fact, a lot of women on the camp now have little Helenas growing inside them. In case you were questioning how sane Henrik was, the answer is THE OPPOSITE OF SANE.

In Cosima’s lab, Duncan is explaining how they made the clones barren, and Cosima is equal parts impressed and weirded out. Duncan gives them another key to decode something science-y, and tells them that all his keys are in his head, and he won’t hand them all over so that no one can repeat the experiment. Which means we need to put him in a full-body bulletproof suit until he saves Cosima.

Rachel goes to Leekie’s office to find Marian reminiscing about the guy.

OB 209-7Marian doesn’t even bother to purse her lips.

She asks the ProClone how she’s doing and Rachel says, “I’m bereft,” without a trace of emotion in her voice or eyes. Marian isn’t really here to check on Rachel, though. She’s here because Sarah intrigues her. Rachel insists she’s “in hand” which doesn’t sound like a place Sarah would appreciate being.

Rachel leaves Marian and goes into her creepy movie chamber. It’s just a square room with a single chair and a martini and one full wall is a projection screen where her favorite home video is playing. She laughs and drinks and cries and calls herself stupid like some sort of Alison Hendrix. She then flips off the video and looks through some pictures she has somehow obtained of Sarah and Kira. She puts on a leather jacket, testing out her own invisibility hood.

OB 209-8“Weird, my reflection disappeared!”

She calls a doctor and asks her for a bit of assistance.

Later, Delphine finds Rachel in Leekie’s office and tells her that the bone marrow is on its way. Rachel excuses herself, leaving Delphine to her brand new office. When Delphine goes to the computer that Rachel just vacated, she sees a confidential file open on the screen. A file about Mrs. S’s man, Benjamin.

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