“Orphan Black” recap (2.09): Save Cosima


At the Prolethean compound, Midwife Alexis brings Helena clothes and takes her to a nursery. While she watches the children play with a smile dancing in her eyes, Gracie pours Henrik and Mark a drink with pain and hatred burning in hers. After Grace is dismissed, Henrik gives Mark his blessing for Gracie.¬† But not really in the way a father usually gives his blessing. In a creepy by-the-way-I’m-about-to-impregnate-her-so-are-you-sure way. I guess they’re going to skip the girlfriend/boyfriend stage.

Sarah is pacing back and forth, trying to find a way to get Kira’s bone marrow to Cosima without putting her daughter in danger. Mrs. S knows of a private clinic that might be able to help so they don’t have to take Kira to the DYAD, but she’s still on the fence about the whole thing. Sarah looks at her with desperation and says, “My sister is dying.” (That sound? The million pieces of my shattered heart clattering to the ground.) Mrs. S sighs and says they can talk in circles all they want; when it comes down to it, this is Kira’s decision.

Sarah explains everything to Kira; Aunt Cosima needs her help, but it’s going to involve a giant needle. Kira asks if Auntie Cosima will die without it, and Sarah gives it to her straight: She just might. Kira, brave little toaster that she is, agrees to help.

Benjamin takes Delphine to the private clinic, where Sarah and Mrs. S are waiting. Sarah looks Delphine in the eyes, this woman she doesn’t trust but has to rely on, and makes her promise to take care of Cosima. Delphine promises, and quietly obeys when she’s told to stay put for now while Sarah goes in to check on Kira.

At the DYAD, Scott and Duncan geek out hardcore about sequences that will hopefully provide answers while Cosima nervously watches. It seems that it’s all becoming too real for her, as she wheels around her own personal oxygen tank.


Over at Manslaughter Amaetuer Hour, Donnie is gagging and whining and Alison is trying to get him to pull it together. She is boasting about her much cleaner, more efficient murder methods when the door opens and her kids walk in. Alison leaps over the dirt pile like an Olympic hurdler shuffles them out. They protest, because there’s a man here to see her.

Alison follows her children into the house to find Vic standing there. She once again shuffles her children away and screams at Vic, telling him to GTFO. Vic looks like he doesn’t want to go, but he even more doesn’t want to incur the wrath of Alison Hendrix.

At the Prolethean Center for the Future Serial Killers of America, Henrik is telling the kids a story laced in metaphor. A little girl who bonded with Helena earlier comes up to her and touches her Shakira hair, but she was supposed to leave the room with the rest of the children, so Midwife Alexis grabs her and spanks her, shaking her a little and scolding her for not listening. As soon as the little girl runs off, Alexis turns on her sweet smile again, but Helena has seen enough. She pins her to the wall and says she knows her type, she lived with nuns. Helena says that if she sees Alexis lay another hand on a child, it will be the last thing she does with those hands. For the first time since we met her, a glimmer of hope shines in Gracie’s eyes; she might be able to like Helena after all.

Sarah sits by Kira’s side as she’s put under for the procedure. As the doctor drills a hole into her daughter, Sarah starts to cry, terrified that she’s made a horrible decision. Delphine assures her that she’s making the right choice, that she’s a brave mother, and she’s the best sister.

OB 209-6Plus, I mean, you’re gorgeous.

This will give Cosima “a real chance” which is not as comforting to me as I believe Delphine intended it to be. I was looking for something more along the lines of, “You have saved Cosima’s life definitively, she will now definitely absolutely be totally fine forever and ever.”

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