“Orphan Black” recap (2.08): Je T’aime

Felix and Sarah try to make sense of the message, to no avail. Fee says that with Leekie and Paul both gone, she should just count her blessings. She tells him that he’s the best, and he agrees, then she leaves him with Tony. Tony inspects all the clone portraits, his sisters, and reckons he’d get along with the one with dreadlocks but probably not so much the soccer mom, which I would have to agree with. Felix tells Tony that he can crash for now, away from the drama of it all.

Still in her office, Ethan gives Rachel a list of things he’ll need if he’s going to help them find the Kira-less cure for the illness that’s killing Cosima. Being in the room alone with her father, their creator, after all this time, she can’t help but ask: Why Sarah? Why was the “unmonitored tramp” the one who was the best of them, the one who could conceive a child? Ethan corrects her; Sarah isn’t the only success, she’s a failure. The clones were barren by design.

During this conversation, and the one in which Rachel introduces Duncan to Delphine, we see flashes of a tantrum Rachel presumably throws when she is finally alone again. Absolutely trashing her office in the wake of feeling like suddenly everything is out of her control.

Art returns to Felix’s loft and says that the DYAD is after Tony and it’s time for him to disappear. Felix isn’t worried about Tony, he knows he can take care of himself, but he gives him a clone phone just in case. Tony gives Felix a kiss goodbye, calls him a sister-kisser, and disappears.

Cosima and Scott, the cutest nerd duo, are running around the lab, making sure it’s perfect for Ethan Duncan’s arrival. Scott starts rambling about 324B21 again and Cosima finally tells him: It’s her. She’s 324B21. This washes over Scott and he looks at her in awe. He tells her it’s an honor to be working for her, though there’s a hint of sadness in his eyes. It’s not just science anymore, not just a theory or an unknown subject. This is his friend, and he knows how serious this illness is.

Delphine walks Duncan into the lab and Cosima jokes that it’s nice to meet her maker. He asks her to call her Ethan, but she doesn’t have the chance to call him anything, because she has a coughing fit that lands her on the floor, seizing, and her three fellow scientists frantically try to help her.

OB 208-11Delphine clinging to Cosima clinging to life.

Delphine calls out Cosima’s name and the pain and fear in her voice is heart-wrenching.

Sarah and Kira are sleeping in Kira’s bed, but Kira sneaks out and picks up Ethan’s copy of The Island of Doctor Moreau. She opens it to find science scribbles all over it, and knowing Kira, probably uses them to figure out all the secrets of the universe.

As a bonus image, this was a hard shot to see but I think it’s beautiful how Cosima got her lab and her persian rug and her couch and is lying on it with her science girlfriend. You know, before The Incident.


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