“Orphan Black” recap (2.08): Je T’aime

In Cosima’s lab, Delphine and Cosima get high. They suck in helium, as though Cosima wasn’t having enough lung problems as it was. They speak in chipmunk voices and giggle all over the place. After their voices go back to normal, Delphine says that she has something important to tell her. “Je t’aime,” she says.

OB 208-7In a whisper, in French, as if she’s afraid of the response.

Cosima asks if that’s why she lied about Kira’s stem cells, why she gave Leekie her blood samples against her direct requests. Delphine says she had to, Cosima’s life depended on it, but Cosima retorts that it’s bigger than just her. If Delphine loves her, she has to love all of them. They come as a package deal, these clones. Delphine says, fine, then she loves all of them. Cosima says that’s good, but if she betrays them again, she has enough dirt on her to absolutely destroy her, and she won’t hesitate to do it. And PS she loves her, too.


In Scarborough, Alison and Donnie have a heart to heart. Alison confesses to her passive aggressive murder, and Donnie confesses to his accidental murder. Maybe these two were meant for each other after all.

Tony is weirded out that Felix has a painting with his face on it. He came here because he trusted Sammy, and Sammy sent him here, but he’s tired of the waiting and the lack of answers. Fee begs Tony not to leave, says he wouldn’t understand even if he explained it, that he just needs to wait a few more minutes, but Tony storms out. When he gets into the hallway, however, he runs into Sarah, who Felix introduces as his sister.

OB 208-9Actual dialogue: “Whoa.” “Shite.”

Sarah tries to get Tony up to speed, but she’s never had to be the one to float the whole clone thing before. All Tony knows for sure right now is that they’re both hot. He also proves that he’s a pea from Sarah’s pod when he says, “There’s only one Tony, you’re not me.” Which is what Sarah said to Paul when he was figuring things out.

Tony wants to know who the suits were that ambushed him and Sammy, but Felix and Sarah have no idea. He tells them that Sammy was ex-military, and finally consents to relaying the message. Word for word, this is what Sammy said: “Tell Beth, keep the faith. Paul’s like me, he’s on it, he’s a ghost.”

Rachel, after once again making a phone call to try to find Paul, who seems to have taken this “ghost” thing rather seriously, welcomes Professor Duncan into her office. She apologizes for their emotional interaction last time they met, and says she wants a purely professional relationship. Ignoring her request, he asks her if she remembers him reading her The Island of Doctor Moreau and she says she does. He quotes from it, but she says she doesn’t remember it in such detail. He asks her for forgiveness, because he’s glad Leekie is dead.

Meanwhile, Donnie takes Alison to see Leekie’s body, which is stuffed in his trunk and not wrapped to Alison’s standards. Also not up to Alison’s standards was his weapon of choice and lack of disposal thereof: He used her gun and put it back in her gun locker afterwards. Not the brightest, this Donnie.

OB 208-10
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