“Orphan Black” recap (2.08): Je T’aime

When Felix gets back to his Loft, he finds Art there and is as surprised as the rest of us by Tony. Tony wants to know what’s going on and when he can see Beth, but Felix asks for a word alone with Art in the hallway. They let their minds explode over the trans* clone for a minute while Tony rifles around the Loft. Seems the grifter gene is strong in this one. Fee tells Art to follow his lead and when they get back into the apartment, Felix tests Tony by giving him the clone riddle that Katja tested Sarah with back in the day. When Tony looks at Felix like he’s crazy, Fee knows that Tony has no idea he’s a clone. Tony teases Felix, calling him Fifi and telling him his place looks pretty gay, and that all he knows is that Beth said they might be related.

In Kira’s room, Sarah is making a mobile with her daughter. The mobile has little paper angels all over it, and Kira says the angels remind her of Helena. Arts and crafts time is interrupted by someone at the front door, and in a heartbreaking turn of events, Kira’s first reaction is, “Should we hide?”

Luckily hiding isn’t necessary because it’s just Delphine at the door.

OB 208-5So much hotness in one room. Also a rifle.

Sarah’s first thought is of Cosima, she’s worried about her sestra. But no, Delphine isn’t here about Cosima, she has a message from Rachel. Sarah scoffs; she trusts Delphine about as much as she trusts Rachel, which is not much, if at all. But Delphine pleads for her to listen. They have a plan to save Cosima that wouldn’t involve Kira’s stem cells at all. The plan involves Duncan, he has the solution. Forget Dawn Summers, Ethan Duncan is The Key.

Cosima, coughing alarmingly more often than usual, goes into her lab to find Scott and his geek squad playing Runewars. Scott is about to pack them up, but Cosima says they’re free to stay and goes to work researching Delphine’s history.

After a few minutes, Cosima can’t help herself, and jumps in to out-geek the geeks, totally owning them in the game.

OB 208-6I just love her so much?

Her victory is short-lived, however, because she has a coughing fit that results in a rather bloody tissue. Delphine comes in and tells Cosima that they need to talk, whether Cosima wants to or not. Delphine tells Cosima that she thinks Leekie was murdered, and that she thinks Cosima is running out of time. The tooth was a band aid, not a cure.

Cosima asks the geek squad to amscray. She has a promise to keep. She’s going to get Delphine totally baked.

Back at the Loft, Tony and Fee are bonding. And by bonding I mean Tony is trying to get a rise out of Felix, but Fee’s all too familiar with this game. He tells Tony he’s just like his sister and tells him to run his own bath.

In the suburbs, Alison goes downstairs to find Donnie secretly packing his things to leave. Alison is having none of this. They have a mountain to clone, but she’s not ready to give up on them yet. That is, of course, unless he never loved her. Donnie gets all weepy and apologizes for everything.

While Tony takes a bath, Art gives Felix the low-down. Tony, formerly Antoinette, has a known associate named Sammy, the man who was shot. Sammy has “monitor” written all over him, and Felix says that he just needs to get him a little drunk and he’ll get more information out of him. Meanwhile, Tony sneaks out of the bath and roots around, finding one of Felix’s paintings from his clone series.

When Felix goes back inside, he finds Tony shooting up. Felix looks a little relieved when he realizes it’s just testosterone. Tony asks Felix how he knew Beth, and Felix says it’s just the usual delinquent/police detective relationship.

At Mrs. S’s house, Ethan is reading The Island of Doctor Moreau to Kira. For those unfamiliar, it’s a story by¬† H. G. Wells (the author, not the sexy time-traveling Warehouse agent) about a man who did scientific experiments on animals, giving them human traits. One of the stated themes of this book is “human interference with nature” so of course it’s Duncan’s favorite book. When Sarah catches wind of what he’s reading to her daughter, she asks him if it’s really appropriate, and Kira sighs heavily and rolls her eyes. She’s spent the last week or so running for her life with a complete stranger, she can handle a controversial story.

Sarah gets a call from Felix, who tells her about the boy clone in his loft. She asks if he is from a different batch of clones but Felix assures her they fell from the same tree. After he gets off the phone, Tony sidles up to Felix and kisses him square on the mouth. Fee pulls away and says it’s a bad idea, and Tony asks if Beth is his sister. Felix evades the question and asks what Beth’s message was.

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