“Orphan Black” recap (2.05): Sestra, Sestra


While Rachel continues to order Paul around, Helena starts assembling the sniper rifle, with cool precision, complete with the doll’s head on top. She is creating dialogue for Rachel and Paul, which is kind of hilarious, until she says, “Very pretty dirty sexy Rachel like my mother.” Which is confusing for a few reasons: Who was she talking about? Her own mother? Because she wasn’t raised with anyone she called mother. And she didn’t seem to accept Amelia as her mother. Is she talking about Mrs. S? Or is she talking about Rachel’s mother? Or Paul’s? Though how would she know who Paul’s mother is? I want to get in that head and look around. She’s so fascinating to me.

Sarah and Art follow the fortune teller directions and find Helena’s bike outside a building they realize is directly facing Rachel’s apartment windows, so they run upstairs. When they see Helena with Rachel in her crosshairs, they beg her not to. Helena calls Sarah over and tells her to look through the binoculars at Paul being unfaithful. Sarah tells her she doesn’t care about Paul. Art tries to interject, to which I shout SHUT UP, ART, but to which Helena says, “Pull, Art. See who’s faster.” This episode made me realize, just because Helena doesn’t always respond the way we expect a person to respond, just because she speaks in riddles and sees the world differently, doesn’t mean she doesn’t understand. That threat to Art was lucid, it was confident. SHE’S SO FASCINATING.

Sarah tells Helena she can’t kill Rachel or Paul, because they have Felix. “Brother sestra.” She says she needs Helena’s help to find SwanMan, but Helena thinks Sarah will just be using her. Then Sarah opens her heart to her and says what she hasn’t told anyone yet; she thought she killed Helena. She was reacting to losing her mother, the thing she had been looking for her whole life and had only just found, but soon realized that in shooting Helena, she was also losing a sister. She felt the connection Helena went on about, she just didn’t want it. But she regretted killing her as soon as she did it, and now was her second chance.

OB 205-8

She asks Helena to put down the gun, and Helena listens. She helps her sestra down from her sniper nest and Helena accuses her of making her cry. Sarah laughs and calls her “meathead” and Helena once again responds “do not call me this” and it’s the sweetest thing. They walk away with their arms around each other, and Art has no idea what the hell just happened.

OB 205-9Sestras!

Back at the DYAD, Delphine is whispering sweet nothings into Cosima’s ear while Leekie prepares her for her first injection. She kisses her cheek, she holds her hand, and I wish all doctor’s appointments came with a Delphine.

OB 205-10

After the injection, Cosima tries her joking-through-the-serious-stuff approach again, saying that if her arm falls off, at least they’ll know it didn’t work. This time, Delphine, relieved that they have a solution, that they’re actually taking steps towards Cosima’s cure, and actually having some hope for once, joins in this time and says perhaps she’ll grow another limb.

OB 205-11Wanky.

Cosima tells Leekie that they have a proposition for him, and Delphine sweetly thinks she means Cophine has a proposition, but Cosims meant “we” as in “the Clone Club.” She asks him, cheekily, if he likes to drink beer.

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