“Orphan Black” recap (2.05): Sestra, Sestra

So they act like it’s top-secret information, but really they just don’t have it. As Cosima puts it, they lost the map. Finding the sequences that overcame the viability issues is like looking for hay in a haystack (which I always thought was a better version of the expression…needles would be relatively easy to find I think). Which is probably also why they can’t just wave their science-y wand and come up with a solution for the illness—they don’t know the exact sequence that causes it. (Though this could be totally wrong.)

Cosima says she doesn’t know if Sarah has uncovered anything and Leekie says that he’ll ignore Rachel and continue the treatment anyway.

OB 205-6Hooray for Leekie’s over-attachment!

In Cal’s camper, Kira is drawing pictures of her mummys’ “new” sisters, and Cal is rather intrigued by this. But before he can ask too many questions, Kira tells him that someone is coming. Which I’m hoping is just highly advanced hearing skills and not precognition because this child is beginning to freak me out. A police officer shows up and asks for license and registration, and the wallet Cal picks has his name as “Andrew Cooper” and he says he’s heading back home with his daughter. When the cop starts prying, Kira shows up with a gas mask on and jokes about how he’s burning dinner, so the cop leaves them be. Cal says she’s quick on her feet and she looks at him like, “Grifting is sort of in my DNA.”

When Sarah gets to Art’s apartment, she finds him handcuffed to a column in his kitchen. Helena had left them another little paper fortune teller, so they follow it like they did last time, and it leads them to a storage unit. Sarah calls out to her sestra and tells her not to jump out and scare them, but Art notices motorcycle tracks, meaning she already left. Sarah knows this means there’s something important for them to find, so they root around Helena’s makeshift apartment, which is littered with doll heads and pictures of nuns with their eyes scratched out, like something straight out of Pretty Little Liars. They find a picture labeled “SwanMan” and realize that Rachel’s father didn’t really die in the lab explosion. She says she needs to call Cosima and I’m glad they’re having regular phone calls but I really wish they would stop having all these conversations off screen.

The last thing Art notices is that there is a sniper rifle case with no sniper rifle inside. Sarah sees a doll with a fancy dress, a pile of blonde hair strands at its feet, and no head. She knows what this means. “She’s gonna kill Rachel.”

Rachel, meanwhile, is none the wiser. She’s slinking around her apartment, ordering Paul around, putting on lipstick and spritzing herself with perfume. She walks like she is always ready to have a wine glass placed in her hand by a doting servant.

OB 205-7Sexy and she knows it.

As this is going on, Helena is sitting in an abandoned building, cutting the doll’s hair and putting lipstick on it. She also puts some lipstick on herself and watches as Rachel orders Paul to take off his shirt. Then his pants. When she kisses him, he leans in to kiss her back and she slaps him. She didn’t tell him he could do that. He asks if Daniel liked it when she did that, and Rachel asks if Sarah did. And I think, in a twisted way, she probably really wants to know. Wants to know if this need for control, this hunger for power that drives her every move, is genetic or if it’s something unique to her.

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