“Orphan Black” recap (2.02): Crazy Science


In Cosima’s new lab, Team Science Mega Force is taking inventory of everything that needs to be fixed/replaced/added to meet Cosima’s standards. When Cosima decides she’s bored of this task, she turns her flirt on. Well, up. I guess her flirt is always on. Delphine says something dorky and Cosima sidles up all close to her and tells her how cute she is.

OB 202-9Totally encouraging.

Unfortunately, before they can make any crazy science, Rachel Duncan strolls in like she owns the place, and Cosima tells her she’s the real Cosima, not the one who kicked her ass. Rachel tells Dr. Cormier that she’ll need to sign a new confidentiality agreement, and also skidaddle. Delphine doesn’t hesitate to scurry out of there real fast. There are a lot of things that could have caused the utter panic on Delphine’s face: one: she’s never been in the same room as two of the clones before, and though she met Sarah, seeing both at once must have been a bit of a mind-meld; two: Rachel Duncan is terrifying and Cheeky Cosima is the type who would tease a cheetah with a laser pointer; three: she already kissed the wrong clone once and didn’t trust herself around yet another incarnation of her girlfriend’s face.

Well, Rachel was intrigued by the sight of her own face kissing a pretty lady. She says, “You’re gay” in a way that is less than a question but more than a statement.

OB 202-10 Tell me more, tell me more.

Cosima doesn’t bat an eye before responding, “My sexuality’s not the most interesting thing about me.” *mic drop*

Rachel tells her that she has the results from Cosima’s latest blood test and Cosima demands to know what test and I forget what breathing is. Luckily, Rachel says it’s from the last time Cosima saw the doctor at school and doesn’t rat Delphine out. Rachel gives Cosima a few things: Katja’s genome, only as it pertains to her illness, Sarah Manning’s history insofar as they know it, and Sarah’s genome. She is tasked with finding out why Sarah Manning is different from the rest of the clones. More specifically, why she can have a child. (Which begs the question: how do they know none of them can bear natural children? Besides Alison, who tried and failed? Did Rachel?)

Back at the birdwatchers’, Kira asks Sarah about the fight she was having with Mrs. S. She says she saw the picture once before, when Siobhan was rooting around in Amelia’s things. Kira seems a little distrustful of Mrs. S in general, so when Sarah says maybe they should leave, Kira’s on board.

And it seems they were not a moment too soon, because downstairs, Brenda Birdwatcher pulls a gun on Mrs. S., which is just about the worst idea anyone ever had, and it earns Brenda some nice big carving tools through the hands. Brenda’s son tries to get out through the window to get to Kira, but Mrs. S shoots him dead. After exchanging a meaningful look with her foster mother, Sarah drives away.

Inside, Brenda is still pinned to the table by her hands, so Mrs. S asks her who got to her. She confesses that she sold out to the Proletheans and asks who the “cursed children” Siobhan brought her were. She tells them that they’re Project LEDA. Brenda says she doesn’t know what that is, so Mrs. S shoots her right in the face.

OB 202-11Don’t mess with the S.

Alison calls Felix from her craft room, which is currently serving as a panic room. She tells him that Donnie is definitely her monitor, and even though she knows he doesn’t KNOW she knows, she really wants to get out of Dodge. The poor thing is coming apart at the seams, but Sarah is here to pick Felix up, so he can’t come help her right now. Alison heartbreakingly says, “Even my own clones think I’m useless.”

Felix tries to comfort her and tells her to call Cosima, and I really hope she does, or she’s going to end up Beth-ing herself.

Back at the Prolethean compound, the Pastor asks Tomas how long he’s known Helena, and he says he’s been with her since she was twelve. Pastor Henrik asks if he’s considered the fact that, since her twin could conceive, perhaps Helena could, too. Tomas looks horrified (as do I) and says, “Any child of hers would be a monster.” Before they can discuss the matter further, Mark comes up behind Tomas and KILLS HIM. So I don’t think they’re on the same side of Prolethean-ism. Pastor Henrick and his wife bow their heads like someone asked them to say grace as opposed to having just witnessed a MURDER.

Next week, Cosima finds out about Jennifer, and Alison tries to warn her about Delphine.

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